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Welcome to the Badass CEO

Our mission is to help you succeed in launching your business, running your company, and crushing your goals.  Our community helps female entrepreneurs learn from each other and grow their brands. It's never been a better time to be a Badass CEO:

  • The number of female-owned businesses in the United States has doubled in the past 20 years
  • 40% of U.S. businesses are women owned
  • Women-led businesses in the United States generate over $1.8 trillion annually


Mimi MacLean

My name is Mimi MacLean, mom of 5, entrepreneur, Business School Grad, CPA, and angel investor. I am here to help you make your business a success.

Throughout my career and personal life I have met many incredible women who have founded businesses, disrupted industries, persevered through struggles, and turned opportunities into successes. I started the Badass CEO to help entrepreneurs learn from each other. You will learn business strategies, invaluable lessons, tipping points, and what it takes to start and run a company?directly from inspiring female founders and CEOs.


Top 10 Tips for Every Entrepreneur

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Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur

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The Badass CEO Podcast

What it takes to become and continue to be a Badass CEO. Learn the motivation and tools to follow your dreams and make it happen.

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The Latest Episodes

Nellie Akalp founded her company Corpnet as the answer to why business filing and compliance has to be so complicated for new and experienced business owners. She wanted to go up against the big competitors and grow even bigger in the industry that she started in. Akalp walks us through how she created a new niche within the business world, pivoted when times got challenging, and the importance of finding the balance between work and family.

Digitalization of the counseling industry is disrupting an industry where you’d least expect it. Naomi Allen, serial entrepreneur and mother founded Brightline – the online platform making counseling easy and accessible for families all across the US. Allen, inspired by her family’s experience and pain points came up with the solution to digitalize the counseling industry. Brightline has fundamentally disrupted its industry and created a visualization for the progress a child makes in their health journey. It is the future of healthcare – paving the way for a more self-serve approach.

A graphic designer turned business coach, Alana Ruoso’s main focus is helping her clients overcome imposter syndrome – something that haunts many of us in our career development phase. She helps people define their goals, create routines, and achieve their business and life goals. Her experience in design and creative business growth allows her to work with both brands and individuals on the best way to grow and succeed.

Carly Stein was working full-time as a financial analyst when she decided to trust her gut and start her natural remedy business Beekeeper’s Naturals. The company was born out of a personal need due to Stein’s allergy to antibiotics and her love for science. To build a business, Carly has. been involved in creating, selling, and networking by herself and faced a lot of opposition from those around her but never the less she perceived and established a loyal client base in the Canadian farmer’s market scene. Through networking and working long nights creating the products by hand Carly was able to get in touch with Whole Foods Canada and become a staple product on their shelves.

Hilary McCain is the founder of the First CBD infused drinks business on the US market, Sweet Reason. Her company is all about providing consumers with a calm focus and an alternative to carbonated beverages and alcohol. Her business has had incredible success with over 1,000 retailers carrying Sweet Reason and their Instagram growing to over 18,000 followers. McCain walks us through her journey in starting Sweet Reason, what inspired her, how she overcame regulation changes, and how she was able to secure investors for her groundbreaking business.

Never lose sight that mindset is key along with detailed systems, and a trustworthy team behind you to help your business succeed. Brooke Mason, a former model, photographer, and founder of Brooke Mason Creative boasts clients such as Bentley and Rolls Royce. Brooke explains the necessity of creating a level-headed mindset through mentorship, following people on social media, and always getting feedback. She shares her amazing insights into bootstrapping a business and harnessing her creativity in order to establish herself as an expert in her field.

How to attract customers quickly with Tegan Bukowski, Co-Founder of WellSet. Tegan is a tech-architect who taught herself to code at the age of eight and has been driven to create something powerful ever since. WellSet’s mission is to increase access to preventative healthcare and wellness, for everyone. Facilitating the relationship between the practitioner and patient, WellSet is a discovery platform and powering practitioners’ businesses. They attract their customers not by advertising a tech platform, but by getting in front of them in the right ways and being mission-driven.

Tamra Johnson is solving the pain points of entrepreneurs everywhere. From onboarding to building a financial model to invoices to market resources to keeping track of expenses, Tamra’s two ventures have found a way to solve all of those problems. She’s the co-founder of FlexTeam and Liquid with her fellow MIT alumni. Tune in to learn how you can outsource all of your daily headaches and focus on the parts of your business you enjoy.

Are you worried about jumping into an industry that is historically male-dominated? The culinary industry would have to be one of the toughest and Giada de Laurentiis continues to succeed at so many levels. She is a chef, mother, author, restauranteur, and an Emmy award-winning television personality of many shows on the Food Network. She followed her passion and transformed her family’s Italian traditional recipes into a successful culinary empire. Tune in to learn how to push past gender stereotypes and transform your passion into a successful business.

Jesse Draper, the founding partner of Halogen Ventures, gives us an inside perspective on what a venture capitalist looks for when investing in a company. There will be times when you have to raise money to grow and will need to present the perfect pitch to investors. This episode is full of advice from a successful early-stage venture capitalist that you won’t want to miss.

Do you want to catapult your business to the next level? Michelle Seiler Tucker is founder and CEO of Michelle Seiler Tucker and an expert in mergers and acquisitions having bought and sold hundreds of companies. In this episode of Badass CEO, Michelle tells you exactly what you need to do when you are growing your company so you are prepared for an exit strategy right from the beginning. She talks about her 6 Ps which are a necessity for a successful business. Michelle is co-author of “Exit Rich.”

Are you a mom-entrepreneur trying to juggle it all? Or are you looking for some inspiration for transforming experience and passion into a business? This is the episode for you. Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy, Founder & CEO of Gift Me Chic – juggles life between New York City and Paris as a wife, mother, and businesswoman, which led her to the gift of giving. Gift Me Chic is inspired by both Elisabeth’s passion for retail, as well as her travels around the world.

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Testimonials And Reviews

What they say About The Badass CEO Podcast

R. Lamvol via Apple Podcasts

Highly Recommend!

"From a fellow mama & entrepreneur, I truly appreciate your perspective and inspiration!! Excited to listen to more episodes!"

CarriePChick via Apple Podcasts

Inspiring and Engaging!

"Loved these interviews and how real the women are about their rise to success! I'm excited to hear who Mimi snags next!!"

cleanbeautyboss via Apple Podcasts

Must Listen For Entrepreneurs...

"Love the tips for budding entrepreneurs!!"

Soccer star???? via Apple Podcasts

So Great

"As the owner of a small business, this is the perfect podcast series!! I can?t wait for more episodes to come out. Such valuable information!"

kkdoyle via Apple Podcasts

Wise Women

"It is so nice to hear candid conversations with CEOs who don?t sugar coat but are still inspiring. Nice mix of confidence and generosity. Bravo!"

taylorswiftfan4ever13 via Apple Podcasts

Every Future CEO Needs to Listen ASAP

"I love this podcast! As a woman aspiring to someday reach the very top, this podcast has interesting guests from all backgrounds, and sparks engaging conversation. I feel like I?m having coffee in the same room as Mimi and her guests! Highly recommend for all the boss babes out there."

largemarge001 via Apple Podcasts


"So motivating. I love listening to this as a young woman and hope to be as successful as these women some day!"

ccnuge via Apple Podcasts

Just What I Needed

"I really enjoy this podcast. Mimi is very easy to listen to and extremely articulate. It?s full of information to get you pumped up and to get started on your own path to success."