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Welcome to the Badass CEO

Our mission is to help you succeed in launching your business, running your company, and crushing your goals.  Our community helps female entrepreneurs learn from each other and grow their brands. It's never been a better time to be a Badass CEO:

  • The number of female-owned businesses in the United States has doubled in the past 20 years
  • 40% of U.S. businesses are women owned
  • Women-led businesses in the United States generate over $1.8 trillion annually


Mimi MacLean

My name is Mimi MacLean, mom of 5, entrepreneur, Business School Grad, CPA, and angel investor. I am here to help you make your business a success.

Throughout my career and personal life I have met many incredible women who have founded businesses, disrupted industries, persevered through struggles, and turned opportunities into successes. I started the Badass CEO to help entrepreneurs learn from each other. You will learn business strategies, invaluable lessons, tipping points, and what it takes to start and run a company directly from inspiring female founders and CEOs.


Top 10 Tips for Every Entrepreneur

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Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur

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The Badass CEO Podcast

What it takes to become and continue to be a Badass CEO. Learn the motivation and tools to follow your dreams and make it happen.

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The Latest Episodes

Sarah Zapp, a successful journalist, and female entrepreneur, founded Beyond Board to raise board diversification and emphasize thought leadership. Her mission is to foster peer-to-peer networking and reinvent the recruiting process in order to increase diversity and leadership. Her journey began as an award-winning journalist and through her career has grown a network of today’s brightest leaders that she hosts events with at Beyond Board.⁠

Helping Build Thoughtful Leaders with Female Entrepreneur Sarah Zapp

Valentina Berger is a Broadway industry veteran with experience in press work for shows like Spiderman Turn Off The Dark. She founded and ran GO Broadway, an accredited theater program that focuses on bringing shows and lessons to clients worldwide. Over the past decade, she’s produced hundreds of theater workshops in-person and online for over 15,000 students connecting Broadway’s best teacher and theater-makers to students worldwide. Her recent production of Rent in Argentina was the first Broadway show licensed internationally by MTI for live streaming.

Bringing Broadway Abroad with Industry Veteran Valentina Berger

Katrina Markoff is the founder and CEO of Vosges, a chocolate brand with a mission to share quality, meaningful food with the world. She began her chocolatier internship in Spain under the direction of Ferran and Albert Adria of the famed El Bulli, where she began to understand that food was a medium for transformative visceral experiences. At the encouragement of Ferran she set out on a quest directed by the signs to identify her path and reason for being in the world of good, meaningful food and embarked on a trip around the world.

How an Internship Led to Creating a Chocolate Company

Hillary Schafer is the female CEO of one of the longest-running nonprofits in the USA – Multiplying Good. Multiplying Good focuses on elevating public service as a means to empower individuals. Prior to joining Multiplying Good in September 2013, Hillary Schafer worked on Wall Street for 12 years. She was head of US Institutional Equity Sales in New York for Citigroup, and Hillary was one of the highest-ranking women in the equity business.

Impacting Communities with the Female CEO of Multiplying Good Hillary Schafer

How do you run one of the largest PR firms in the world, set standards for the industry, and continue to innovate and expand? Kathy Bloomgarden joins us this week on the podcast to tell us about her career journey and running a global PR agency her father started in 1948! Under Dr. Bloomgarden’s leadership, Ruder Finn opened up one of the first global communication offices in China over 25 years ago, growing to eight offices in the region.

How Female CEO Kathy Bloomgarden Is Guiding Ruder Finn to Becoming the Leader in PR

Inna Braverman is a female business leader with a bold mission to create change through wave energy. She is the founder of Eco Wave Power, the leading onshore wave energy company that turns waves into green energy! Her accolades include the UN Global Climate Action Award and being named one of the “Females Changing the World” by Wired Magazine.

How Female Business Leader Inna Braverman Is Turning Waves Into Energy

This week, the female COO of Bloomreach, Christina Augustine joined the Badass CEO podcast to talk about reaching a C-Suite position and how important mentors are. She’s a leading thinker in e-commerce and has been a manager at Bain & Company, focused on technology, retail, and strategy prior to joining Bloomreach in 2011. Christina’s an experienced computer programmer, who has concentrated on onsite search, merchandising, and payment. She will share how her technology expertise is important in arming clients with the tools needed to compete in a demanding market.

Finding A Mentor and a C-Suite Title with Female COO Christine Augustine

Positioned at the intersection of skincare and wellness, SkinTe was started by female co-founder and badass CEO Bassima Mroue. Bassima’s background in strategy, supply chain, and IT helped her create one of the fastest-growing wellness companies. SkinTe has been featured in NYT, Wall Street Journal, and Goop and Allure! Tune in to learn about Bassima’s extensive career, why she started SkinTe, and why she believes in purpose-driven business!

Building Purpose-Driven Brands with Female Co-Founder Bassima Mroue

Alana Arnold is the female co-founder and director of operations of Last Crumb, a luxury direct-to-consumer cookie company. Alana has grown her business by utilizing previous marketing experience and trends such as “drop culture” to build hype and popularity around the products. Through these “drops”, Last Crumb has grown a loyal following and an email list of over 125,000 people!

Female Co-Founder Alana Arnold On Selling Luxury Cookies and Utilizing Marketing Trends

This week on the Badass CEO podcast, we had the chance to sit down again with the founder of Corpnet, Nellie Akalp to discuss why only 2% of female entrepreneurs make it to 1million in sales or even achieve the titles of CEO. We go through Nellie’s story and tips on how we can better ourselves as not only businesswomen but as humans who feel confident and worthy of their success and happiness.

How She Became Of The 2% Of Female Entrepreneurs Who Have A 7 Figure Business

A female investor and serial entrepreneur with a background in digital development, Vanessa Dawson starts a green plant care company to fill a void. As founder and CEO, Vanessa knew that Arber is the first of its kind, emphasizing green plant care, education, and wellness. Vanessa’s previous work and entrepreneurial ventures gave her extensive knowledge of operations, funding, and brand development. Vanessa proves that each business you create and grow is a learning opportunity and experience as a serial entrepreneur.

Female Investor Vanessa Dawson Starts a Green Plant Care Company

Female CEO Taynaah Reis represents the saying ” It is never too early to start!” because, believe it or not, she started her first company at age 16! Taynaah is CEO and Founder of Moeda, a company that works to create a more inclusive and egalitarian world through blockchain. Moeda offers payment solutions that make finance more accessible and contribute to driving social impact. Taynaah has raised over $10 million in funding which has provided seed projects in Brazil. Social impact has played a core role in her work from the beginning, evidenced in her 2018 Forbes recognition as one of the 12 most innovative leaders to watch and learn from.

Female CEO Taynaah Reis Started Her First Company at 16

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Inspiring and Engaging!

"Loved these interviews and how real the women are about their rise to success! I'm excited to hear who Mimi snags next!!"

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So Great

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"It is so nice to hear candid conversations with CEOs who don't sugar coat but are still inspiring. Nice mix of confidence and generosity. Bravo!"

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Every Future CEO Needs to Listen ASAP

"I love this podcast! As a woman aspiring to someday reach the very top, this podcast has interesting guests from all backgrounds, and sparks engaging conversation. I feel like I'm having coffee in the same room as Mimi and her guests! Highly recommend for all the boss babes out there."

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"So motivating. I love listening to this as a young woman and hope to be as successful as these women some day!"

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"I really enjoy this podcast. Mimi is very easy to listen to and extremely articulate. It's full of information to get you pumped up and to get started on your own path to success."