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Welcome to the Badass CEO

Our mission is to help you succeed in launching your business, running your company, and crushing your goals.  Our community helps female entrepreneurs learn from each other and grow their brands. It's never been a better time to be a Badass CEO:

  • The number of female-owned businesses in the United States has doubled in the past 20 years
  • 40% of U.S. businesses are women owned
  • Women-led businesses in the United States generate over $1.8 trillion annually


Mimi MacLean

My name is Mimi MacLean, mom of 5, entrepreneur, Business School Grad, CPA, and angel investor. I am here to help you make your business a success.

Throughout my career and personal life I have met many incredible women who have founded businesses, disrupted industries, persevered through struggles, and turned opportunities into successes. I started the Badass CEO to help entrepreneurs learn from each other. You will learn business strategies, invaluable lessons, tipping points, and what it takes to start and run a company?directly from inspiring female founders and CEOs.


Top 10 Tips for Every Entrepreneur

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Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur

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The Badass CEO Podcast

What it takes to become and continue to be a Badass CEO. Learn the motivation and tools to follow your dreams and make it happen.

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The Latest Episodes

Going from finance to non-profits, Robyn O’Brien is the epitome of a badass CEO. She is a nationally recognized leader in the food industry and is the co-founder of rePlant Capital. While managing rePlant, she also runs her non-profit, Allergy Kids Foundation, focused on bringing awareness to the need for transparency in our food supply, and that’s not where it ends; she is also the author of The Unhealthy Truth. Robyn is a true entrepreneur who is always hustling and fighting for what she believes, even if it puts her in the crosshairs of some of the most extensive food and agriculture companies.

Food Industry Leader Robyn O’Brien Talks Transparency and Entrepreneurship

A true romantic at heart with a deep passion for people, Amber Kelleher-Andrews lives her dream job as CEO of the global matchmaking firm Kelleher international. Under Amber’s stewardship, Kelleher International is the leader in a booming singles industry and is responsible for thousands of marriages with 87% of their clients ending up in a long-term relationship or marriage.Amber’s knowledge of human relationships combined with a healthy dose of intuition lends to her straightforward approach of listening and asking questions to get to the heart of each person.

Building a Global Matchmaking Empire with the CEO Amber Kelleher

Six time founder and CEO in the B2B software space, Christine Marie Mason turned her attention to her passion – female wellness and self-care. She founded Rosebud Woman, a female body care and intimate wellness line, to meet women’s neglected needs and open up sexual and personal care dialogue. Her entrepreneurial success has led her to lead a multitude of TED Talks and events worldwide to share her advice and insight on how to grow a successful business in any industry.

Sexual Wellness with Rosebud Woman Founder Christine Marie Mason

Lauren Jenai started CrossFit with her husband to make an impact in the Fitness Industry. Lauren discusses how they created a successful business and community over the last two decades. Lauren and Greg founded CrossFit in the late 90s as a revolutionary training style that allowed people to get fit and healthy in a competitive and welcoming environment. After years in the business, Lauren felt the pull to leave CrossFit and create a more personal business that was individualized and impactful on a day-to-day emotional level, now known as the Manifest App.

CrossFit Co-Founder Lauren Jenai Talks Making An Impact

Sam Ettus is the true Badass entrepreneur. She is a five-time best-selling author, a public speaker, and podcast host of the What’s Her Story podcast, but one public speaking event inspired Samto to start Park Place Payments. Park Place Payments is a female-founded credit card processing company that is disrupting the status quo of the credit card industry. The male-dominated industry has never focused on customer service or women, and she is here to do that with PPP. Sam explains why nothing will stop her from making this a billion-dollar company and how you can do it too. Tune in to hear Sam’s thoughts on why only 1.7% of female CEOs reach over a million dollars in sales, the importance of labor equality both in the workforce and in the home, and her tips for entrepreneurs starting.

Sam Ettus On How Nothing Will Stop Her From Building A Billion-Dollar Business

Customer satisfaction comes from knowing your target audience like they are your BFFs. Prioritizing customer knowledge through research and technology has been how Ellis McCue of Territory Foods has grown her business and excelled. She is a former retail and consulting specialist who joined Territory Foods to help busy people who love delicious and nutritious food with their cooking needs. McCue became CEO of Territory Foods because it combined her love of travel and food into a business.

Customer Satisfaction and Growing Mid-Pandemic with Ellis McCue of Territory Foods

Dr. Yinka Davis discusses the importance of having a propriety product, joint ventures, building sales, working with professional athletes, and how she manages to practice medicine full-time while building her company. Here’s a story why a doctor becomes a CEO to start a company to fill a void. Dr. Yinka Davies talks about her experience as a gastroenterologist and her “lightbulb moment,” realizing the importance of gut health balance and probiotics.

The Importance of Propriety Product With Dr. Yinka Davis

Self-sabotage is something Renata Bernarde, a career coach living in Melbourne, Australia, knows too well. Her career story involves moving from her home in Brazil, climbing the corporate ladder, and coaching other executives on how to find momentum in their careers. In 2018, she accepted a redundancy package and decided to bring forward a dream to offer executive coaching. Renata joined us on IG Live to discuss her career journey, how she helps clients stop their self-sabotaging habits, and what it takes to balance a full-time job while starting your own business.

Self-Sabotage and Achieving Career Success with Renata Bernarde

Angela Scott founded her oxford shoe company to prove women did not have to wear six-inch heels to feel empowered in the workforce, thereby changing the landscape of female footwear. On the brand’s 10th year anniversary, The Office of Angela Scott remains dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls. It recently announced a pledge in honor of the brand’s anniversary to donate a million dollars over the next 10 years to female centric organizations.Celebrating its tenth anniversary, The Office of Angela Scott has established itself as the bespoke, fashion-forward, go-to brand for women and A-listers alike who want all the style of an oxford married with comfort.

Female Footwear and Combining Style with Comfort with Angela Scott

Are you an artist but can’t apply your creative talent to starting your own business or business? Jody’s podcast is for you! Jody Levy is a partner, advisor, and investor in many category-disrupting brands and companies connected to the clean living, wellness lifestyle space that empowers people to take care of themselves and optimize their happiness and purpose. She’s an artist, designer, serial entrepreneur, executive, and investor who is the shining example of why you don’t have to do ONE thing if you love the process. She talks us through her multiple businesses, including WTRMLN WTR and the Milk Cleanse, and how she balances it all.

Serial Entrepreneurship and How She Does It All with Jody Levy

From Blueprint Cleanse to Medicinal Mushroom Beverage company, Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Hass created yet another wellness business, using their know how to look at the white space industry and go for it. They started the juice cleanse craze and ultimately sold The Blueprint Cleanse. Both Zoe and Erica are continuously learning and consider themselves wellness gurus, and they once again saw white space in the medicinal mushroom industry, Earth and Star.

A New Wellness Business for Erica Hass and Zoe Sakoutis

Heather Thomson adored reality star from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York is in real life a serial entrepreneur. One of her ventures, Beyond Fresh offers an organic supplement line focused on science, whole foods, and superfoods. Heather is a mother of two, podcast host, entrepreneur, and integrative health coach! With over 25 years of experience stemming from Calvin Klein to design director of Sean Diddy Combs’ Sean John label, creative directing alongside Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez, to founding her own brand in 2008, which changed the shapewear and lifestyle game for many women internationally. When Heather sets her mind to something, you can bet she’ll see through it and then some. Just stick around and see what’s next.

Beyond Fresh, New Business for Reality Housewives’ Star, Heather Thomson

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R. Lamvol via Apple Podcasts

Highly Recommend!

"From a fellow mama & entrepreneur, I truly appreciate your perspective and inspiration!! Excited to listen to more episodes!"

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Inspiring and Engaging!

"Loved these interviews and how real the women are about their rise to success! I'm excited to hear who Mimi snags next!!"

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"Love the tips for budding entrepreneurs!!"

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So Great

"As the owner of a small business, this is the perfect podcast series!! I can?t wait for more episodes to come out. Such valuable information!"

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Wise Women

"It is so nice to hear candid conversations with CEOs who don?t sugar coat but are still inspiring. Nice mix of confidence and generosity. Bravo!"

taylorswiftfan4ever13 via Apple Podcasts

Every Future CEO Needs to Listen ASAP

"I love this podcast! As a woman aspiring to someday reach the very top, this podcast has interesting guests from all backgrounds, and sparks engaging conversation. I feel like I?m having coffee in the same room as Mimi and her guests! Highly recommend for all the boss babes out there."

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"So motivating. I love listening to this as a young woman and hope to be as successful as these women some day!"

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Just What I Needed

"I really enjoy this podcast. Mimi is very easy to listen to and extremely articulate. It?s full of information to get you pumped up and to get started on your own path to success."