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Welcome to the Badass CEO

Our mission is to help you succeed in launching your business, running your company, and crushing your goals.  Our community helps female entrepreneurs learn from each other and grow their brands. It's never been a better time to be a Badass CEO:

  • The number of female-owned businesses in the United States has doubled in the past 20 years
  • 40% of U.S. businesses are women owned
  • Women-led businesses in the United States generate over $1.8 trillion annually


Mimi MacLean

My name is Mimi MacLean, mom of 5, entrepreneur, Business School Grad, CPA, and angel investor. I am here to help you make your business a success.

Throughout my career and personal life I have met many incredible women who have founded businesses, disrupted industries, persevered through struggles, and turned opportunities into successes. I started the Badass CEO to help entrepreneurs learn from each other. You will learn business strategies, invaluable lessons, tipping points, and what it takes to start and run a company?directly from inspiring female founders and CEOs.


Top 10 Tips for Every Entrepreneur

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Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur

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The Badass CEO Podcast

What it takes to become and continue to be a Badass CEO. Learn the motivation and tools to follow your dreams and make it happen.

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The Latest Episodes

Self-described serial entrepreneur, Sarah Gavigan chose to pivot in her career and follow her passion? Sarah explains how she moved from the entertainment industry to be a three-time entrepreneur and bring ramen to Nashville. Her shop Otaku Ramen is a cult favorite with multiple pop-up shops spread out throughout the Nashville area. She talks about what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur, succeed in the male-dominated food industry, and what it is like exposing the South to new cuisine and paving the way for a more diverse food culture.

Serial Entrepreneur Seriously In Love With Ramen, Otaku Ramen Chef, Sarah Gavigan

I had the privilege of speaking with a fellow Columbia University graduate and real estate CEO, Pamela Ayusa, about the 7 Pillars she used to grow her company.

Pamela Ayuso on the 7 Pillars of a Successful Business

The consumer packaged goods industry is one of the hardest industries to breakthrough. Beating the odds, entrepreneur, Michelle Retik found her niche and has built up B.A.D. Food to be the star of grain and GMO-free foods. She has been able to get into 800 retail outlets all while being an active mother of four children during a pandemic! How did she do it? She tells us everything on this episode of Badass CEO.

Breaking Into Consumer Packaged Goods with B.A.D. Food Co. Creator Michelle Retik

Struggling to be a better leader and growing your brand can sometimes come down to how effectively you’re using your voice. Executive voice coach, Melanie Espeland is an entrepreneur, and author who trains Clients in senior roles in top companies to optimize their voice and be better leaders. She talks about her entrepreneurial journey as a woman, what many executives are doing wrong and how to keep a consistent company culture.

Command Authority with Your Voice from Executive Voice Coach Melanie Espeland

Kara Goldin is the founder of Hint Water, a game-changing healthy drinks to replace to soda and flavored water. She joins us this week to talk about how she built her business and the lessons she learned along the way. She talks us through her new tell-all book Undaunted and the risks she took to launch Hint and turn it into the successful company it currently is.

Hint Water CEO, Kara Goldin An Unstoppable Entrepreneur Shares Business Success

If you have wondered what it takes to be a c-suite level executive and how to run a startup during COVID, this week’s episode is for you. Mary McGovern is the CEO of New Wave Foods, a sustainable plant-based alternative to shrimp. New Wave is revolutionizing the food industry and Mary’s 25 years of packaged goods and consumer experience has helped her run the company and prepare them to launch in stores, restaurants, and the wider food service industry.

Reaching C Suite Level with CEO of New Wave Foods, Mary McGovern

Leslie Hsu started her business Sunflow in the summer of 2020 when the world was still deep into the pandemic and she proves that with perseverance design expertise, and a strong business plan you can build a successful company during a pandemic. She lets us in on how she started her business in secret, raised money prelaunch, and seamlessly works with her husband to run Sunflow.

How Sunflow Launched Million Dollar Beach Chair Business With Founder, Leslie Hsu

Pallavi Pande exemplifies sustainable entrepreneurship. She is an entrepreneur, mother, and founder of the sustainable plates company Dtocs. If you have been wanting to start a business that benefits the world and the environment you will be inspired by Pallavi’s story. She is committed to ethical leadership and the importance of having a clear message.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Environmental Advocacy with Dtocs Founder Pallavi Pande

Keisha Blair’s inspiring personal story is one of overcoming personal tragedy and gaining a new perspective on life. She soon came to realize how important financial wellbeing is as part of holistic wealth and financial independence. She is the author of Holistic Wealth and the founder of the Institute of Holistic Wealth that aims to help women improve their lives through financial stability and resourcefulness.

Financial Wellbeing Is One Part of Holistic Wealth with Keisha Blair

Shauna Reiter, the founder of Alaya Naturals and mother of two shares her passion for sustainable manufacturing practices. Her personal journey with autoimmune disease inspired her to create her all-natural supplement company. Reiter researched the highest quality, clean ingredients that could make a positive impact on health and nourish the body. While running a full-scale business from home, she’s able to practice being a mom at the same time.

How Sustainable Manufacturing Practices Successfully Work In Home Based Business with Shauna Reiter

Are you trying to juggle it all? Finding it hard to be an effective leader? Building better leaders is the work of executive business coach Deborah Crowe. Her clients are high-level company leaders who want to strengthen leadership and stress management skills. Her experience working in rehabilitation and case management has given her a “heart-first” approach. She talks us through what compassion and heart mean in coaching business leaders, the power and importance of a morning routine, and why we should ditch work-life “balance” for work-life integration.

Building Better Leaders with Executive Business Coach Deborah Crowe

Mary Lennon created a nail salon business to change the nail polish and salon experience from tedious and toxic to elegant and clean. She founded Côte nails with her business partner and friend Leah Yari in Los Angeles to create a nail polish line free of harmful ingredients and allergens and a salon experience that was fresh and enjoyable. She talks us through finding your niche, developing both BTB and online businesses, including the benefits of influencer marketing. Mary also shares how to thrive with the perfect partner.

Côte Nails Co-Founder Mary Lennon Talks Nail Salon Business and Comradery with Her Business Partner

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R. Lamvol via Apple Podcasts

Highly Recommend!

"From a fellow mama & entrepreneur, I truly appreciate your perspective and inspiration!! Excited to listen to more episodes!"

CarriePChick via Apple Podcasts

Inspiring and Engaging!

"Loved these interviews and how real the women are about their rise to success! I'm excited to hear who Mimi snags next!!"

cleanbeautyboss via Apple Podcasts

Must Listen For Entrepreneurs...

"Love the tips for budding entrepreneurs!!"

Soccer star???? via Apple Podcasts

So Great

"As the owner of a small business, this is the perfect podcast series!! I can?t wait for more episodes to come out. Such valuable information!"

kkdoyle via Apple Podcasts

Wise Women

"It is so nice to hear candid conversations with CEOs who don?t sugar coat but are still inspiring. Nice mix of confidence and generosity. Bravo!"

taylorswiftfan4ever13 via Apple Podcasts

Every Future CEO Needs to Listen ASAP

"I love this podcast! As a woman aspiring to someday reach the very top, this podcast has interesting guests from all backgrounds, and sparks engaging conversation. I feel like I?m having coffee in the same room as Mimi and her guests! Highly recommend for all the boss babes out there."

largemarge001 via Apple Podcasts


"So motivating. I love listening to this as a young woman and hope to be as successful as these women some day!"

ccnuge via Apple Podcasts

Just What I Needed

"I really enjoy this podcast. Mimi is very easy to listen to and extremely articulate. It?s full of information to get you pumped up and to get started on your own path to success."