August 23


11 Apps I Can’t Live Without

By Mimi MacLean

August 23, 2020

As a busy mom trying to get a lot done in a day, I have come to rely on apps to make my life easier and more organized. I am always asking other people what apps they are using. I have compiled a list of these apps which I use almost every day.


I use Evernote as my notebook. I take notes, create lists, journal and I even save files in Evernote. I can tag notes, but it’s easy enough to search a word and find any document. The best feature is that you can forward an email through your Evernote email, so your information from any email is saved in Evernote. It is also super easy to keep any research you do on the internet with the web clipper feature.


Dropbox is my filing cabinet on the go. I save all my documents here, allowing me to share any document or folder with anyone. I no longer have any papers at home as I scan everything and file it here.


I recently inventoried all our furniture art, jewelry, and electronics in one place. Sortly lets you load pictures, costs, descriptions and then will create lists or labels for each item if you are moving. It’s a great way to record all your belongings for insurance purposes! I had one of my children go around the house and enter each item. It is super easy!


The Stylebook app helps you organize your closet. It makes it super easy to pack for a trip once you have your outfits entered. It takes some time to get your clothes inputted. There are two ways to do it. You can take pictures each day of your outfits as you go, or spend an afternoon and enter each item. Again, I had my daughter take photos and input each item.


Utiful is my new favorite app. This app allows you to send any picture to it, and then it organizes by folder. I am always taking pictures of quotes, receipts or relevant documents. Utiful will enable you to free up your photo gallery and have these photos easy to access.


Strides helps me keep my goals at the forefront of each day. You can set up your daily list, and the app enables you to keep track of what you accomplished each day. My list includes the following: walking 10,000 steps, drink ten glasses of water, meditate, stretching, taking my vitamins, etc. If you have a goal, break down the daily actions and add them to Strides.


Stepz is a great app that helps me ensure I am getting my 10,000 steps in each day. (Click here for iOS and here for Android).


If you are ever looking for help, Thumbtack is where I turn. If I am looking for a handyman, window washer, you name it – you can find it. I have been thrilled with the people I have hired on Thumbtack.


Blinkist summarizes books, so in 15 minutes, you can get a quick summary of any book. Because I love always to be learning, it is an excellent way to get through tons of books. If I like a blink summary, I download the book in Audible to hear the entire book.


I think the secret to an entrepreneur is continuous learning. I use Audible to listen to books while I am driving or working out. I try to listen to a book a week. I love self-help books or autobiographies. Anytime I see a book review of one I want to read, I add it to the Audible book wish-list.


I have let my photo library go. I have over 100,000 photos on my phone. Many are duplicates and unorganized. HashPohotos makes finding the duplicates, similar pictures, or organizing into folders super easy!


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