January 6


2021 Resolutions To Boost Your Business

By Mimi MacLean

January 6, 2021

Happy 2021! As we celebrate the start of another year and reflect on the lessons from 2020 we want to move forward with, I think it is a great time to set goals and resolutions for your business that will help it grow and flourish. Resolutions can be quite daunting especially when we go for the typical save more money or eat better, lose this/gain that – instead I recommend creating goals that are specific, have actionable steps attached to them, and most importantly are realistic for the year time frame we set. Business resolutions can cover a wide array of topics from selling an X amount of your products, to expanding into a new industry, all the way to taking the first steps to start your own business – wherever you are in your badass CEO journey I encourage you to face 2021 with confidence, patience, and grit. Here are four goals to put on your list for ways to improve your business that I have found to help me in my own growth.

Improve your business’s social media presence

Social media is no longer a suggestion for businesses – it is a business staple. If you are still looking for a sign to build up your business’s social media presence let the start of 2021 be it. A great start to this resolution is doing a quick scroll through like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs to see the variety of content they are creating and the platforms they are using. My suggestion for 2021 social media: use all of Instagram’s features to create content for your brand and get on Tik Tok! Social media is not going anywhere especially when it comes to digital marketing so what better way to invest in your business and its story!

Learn a new skill that will boost your business

The beginning of a new year is a great time to pick a skill you have been wanting to learn in order to boost your business and confidence in running it. This could be computer and programming skills such as Excel and graphic design that can help you better understand the backend of your business or taking courses on digital marketing and advertising as a way to gain more knowledge of where to take your business in the future. Sites and platforms like Coursera, Masterclass, and Skillshare are amazing platforms and jumping-off points.

Improve your work-life balance

An important process in owning and growing a business is a balance between your personal and professional lives – it is easy to get the lines muddled and constantly prioritize work and creating over self-care and downtime. If you found yourself burnt out at the end of every week in 2020, I highly suggest adding a focus on work-life balance to your 2021 resolutions list. Having time to step away from work and reset is a crucial component to running a successful business because it allows you to unwind, spend time with family and loved ones, and gives you the space to brainstorm and reflect on your current endeavors and goals.

Diversify your revenue streams

If 2020 and its unpredictability has taught us anything it is that we have to be prepared to pivot and shift the way we run our businesses. Longevity and consistent growth are achieved when your customer base is introduced to newer and higher-quality offerings. I challenge you to find ways to expand your business in 2021 and create multiple streams of revenue. This can be done by offering new products and services or updating existing ones to better accommodate the current needs of your customers and followers. You will not only see growth in your business but will feel the boost in security both financially and creatively when you have multiple streams to maintain financial success.

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