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Pamela Ayuso on the 7 Pillars of a Successful Business

By Mimi MacLean

June 10, 2021

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Real Estate CEO Pamela Ayuso on the 7 Pillars of a Successful Business.

I had the privilege of speaking with a fellow Columbia University graduate and real estate CEO, Pamela Ayuso, about the  7 Pillars of a Successful Business.

Also, she is a real estate developer and  CEO of Celaque in Honduras. From her experience of starting and building her company, Pamela decided to write a book and share her insights and strategies for building a sustainable and successful company.

Recently, she released a new book, Heptagram: The 7-Pillar Business Design System for the 21st Century.

The Optimal Company Design System is broken down into 7 pillars:

  • Structure
  • Processes
  • Information Systems
  • Metrics
  • Trust
  • Self-learning
  • Plasticity

Pamela Suggests:

You structure your company the right way for the type of business you have.

Also, it is imperative to design and implement standard operating processes in your company and information systems for your workforce to be optimized.

In addition, key performance indexes need to be established and maintained to determine if what you have implemented is working.

Finally, encouraging an environment of trust and self-improvement. All the while investing in your company culture.  Thriving in chaos is imperative in this competitive landscape.

“Developing the perfect framework is not the entire answer. There must be room for innovation, self-organization, learning, and trust to build a business. With the Heptagram method (7 Pillars of a Successful Business), you can cover all your basics allowing your company room to evolve as new ideas, needs, and trends develop over time, growing and scaling with this newfound freedom.” – Pamela Ayuso.

On the Badass CEO Instagram IGTV page, we had a great conversation about:

  • Her book,
  • The 7 pillars needed to succeed
  • Growing her company in a male-dominated industry
  • What she didn’t learn in graduate school but needed to know
  • You need to balance being a mom, an entrepreneur, an author, and a CEO.
  • I especially loved how she implements systems not just for her company and employees but her personal life too. She will never forget a pair of pajamas on vacation again!

We covered so much, so it is worth listening to the recording HERE.

LEARN MORE ABOUT PAM HERE and her 7 Pillars of a Successful Business in her book HERE!

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