About Me

About the Badass CEO

Welcome to The Badass CEO! My name is Mimi Maclean, mom of 5, entrepreneur, Business School Grad, CPA, and angel investor. I am here to share my passion for entrepreneurship with you.

Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine

Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine. I started my career in Investment Banking at Kidder, Peabody, and went on to obtain my CPA while working at Price Waterhouse in NYC. Retail was a passion of mine, so I became a buyer at Bloomingdales. I studied Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School, where I won the business plan competition.

I have started several companies along the way, including one of my newest ventures Baby Barn Organics. As an angel investor, I have invested in many companies that I believe in, including Beautycounter. I love working with other entrepreneurial women who have started their businesses by mentoring and investing in their companies. I am also a Beautycounter Managing Director and have built a successful team of 800 consultants. I enjoy helping my team grow as entrepreneurs to have successful businesses of their own.

Learning from each other

Throughout my career and day-to-day life, I have met many incredible businessmen and women who have started businesses, disrupted industries, persevered through struggles and failures, and turned an opportunity into success. With the Badass CEO Podcast, I hope to start a platform that helps entrepreneurs learn from other entrepreneurs. We will discuss business strategies, life experiences, lessons learned, tipping points, and what it takes to become and continue to be an entrepreneur directly from the people who have made it happen.


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