December 26


I Was On The Arrive At Happy Leaders Podcast

By Mimi MacLean

December 26, 2021

Arrive At Happy Leaders

Arrive At Happy Leaders Podcast Feature

I joined Tia Graham (Badass Female CEO and Inspirationalist)  on her show, Arrive at Happy Leaders, to talk about attracting investors, the need for flexibility, and my tips for female entrepreneurs.

Tia Graham is an Inspirationist and the Founder of Arrive At Happy, a company with a mission of inspiring transformation through the science of happiness and neuroscience. Tia partners with organizations and leaders to grow their business through engaged and happy cultures.

We dove into why more women CEOs and founders need mentors to guide them through the long and twisting journey of becoming a successful business owner and how I balance everything from my two podcasts to managing a full household.

Listen to the full episode HERE or watch the YouTube recording HERE

Make sure to stay tuned for Tia's appearance on the Badass CEO COMING SOON where we will dive into her entrepreneurial journey, how she founded Arrive at Happy, and her advice for aspiring Badass Female CEOs

For more on Tia:

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