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Businesses need to close out the year on a strong note. The end of the year marks the biggest sales quarter and coincides with the holiday season, leading to significant increases in consumer spending. As such, sales teams are under considerable pressure to maximize their profits during this period. The end of the year presents an opportune moment for increased activity.

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4 Business Tips to End the Year Strong

How do you create a brand for your business that resonates with the right market? It starts with understanding exactly what a brand is…and what it isn’t. There are lots of components that matter when you’re making branding decisions, but the one most people first think of–the visual elements, such as an eye-catching logo–isn’t the most important. Branding is about everything that goes into your business that builds customer perception, from your ability to engage and respond professionally with your audience on social media to your ethics, where sourcing materials and ingredients are concerned. When your customers see your logo, you want them to associate it with everything they want in a business.

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How to Grow as A New Business Owner

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In business, it’s vital to end each year strong. The end of the year coincides with the holiday season and represents the biggest sales quarter. Sales teams are heavily pressured to make the most of increased consumer spending. If anytime’s the best time to get busy, it’s certainly the end of the year.

How To Power Through the End of Year Business Slump

Stacy Ennis is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs grow their businesses, clarify their messaging and share their unique stories. Stacy has worked with many individuals who have found great success after launching a book with her, and it has even been a catalyst for a new business trajectory. Before becoming self-employed and an entrepreneur, Stacy was an English teacher and the publishing industry. After 13 years, she decided to take the leap and launch her business and books. Stacy knew she wanted to expand her impact while still being grounded in language and writing – her coaching and book launch business was the perfect step. She works with her clients 1-1 to help them clarify their ideas, harness their unique points of view, and impact more lives by launching a book.

How To Grow Your Business By Becoming An Author

Top Mimi Shares Insights Directly from Her Chart-Topping New Book! In one generation, women went from being shut out of the labor force to comprising more than 50 percent of employed Americans. Many working women are also moms, and while it might be exhausting, many working mothers feel like superheroes who show the world they

How to Overcome Fear and Become a Badass Female CEO

Numbers Expert and Entrepreneur, Kristy Gayton Kristy Gayton is an entrepreneur, investor, mom of three boys, author, CEO of The Start Companies (STARTbrands), owner, and developer of many residential and commercial companies, among other online entities. She has created solutions that work by taking creative visions, a financial plan, and implementing systems. Helping others to

How To Know Your Numbers With Kristy Gayton

Lauren Boyd is an attorney and Founder of Guide My Business which provides a strong legal foundation built on a brand you own. She talks about how important it is to own your brand, trademark, and much more. If you start your own business you have to make sure you are owning your brand from the start as this is one mistake entrepreneurs make in the beginning. Owning your brand will help you set your business apart from the rest, and it can be important depending on your exit strategy. It’s also important to research a domain name, Instagram handle, and USPTO to see who else is similarly situated as your business with a trademark.

Trademarking Your Business with Lauren Boyd

If you’re a new business owner, sometimes, it can be hard to know how to find the right people for your company. We talked about Jennifer and Mandy from Swing Search, a business that specializes in finding you the right people for your business as you grow. They’ve worked with entrepreneurs or CEOs trying to fill roles they haven’t hired for before. You may be trying to do the same and scale your company. If you’re trying to scale your company, it is so important to find the right people as there are so many factors that employees and employers need to consider when hiring for their different roles.

Finding the Right People for Your Business

If you’re thinking of starting a home-based business, then you’re in good company, what with the change that’s happening regarding work culture and achieving a better work-life balance that comes with working from home. So if that’s you, and you’ve always envisioned starting a business from your home, The Badass CEO reveals how to build a home-based business that you can be proud of.

How to Start a Home-Based Business That You Can Be Proud Of

Are you a tech startup looking for legal tips? Mital Makadia is an expert in working with tech startups as she’s a Partner at Grellas LLC. From the beginning of a tech startup, founders should make sure to avoid some mistakes.

Legal Tips Every Badass CEO Has To Know

These days work from home jobs are so common, but what happens if you want to transition your employees to work in person again? Esther Weinberg provided amazing advice on how to work with these challenges.

How to Foster a Resilient Company

Sometimes life can get busy that it can become hard to be productive and manage your time efficiently. Megan Sumrell, time management and productivity coach is here to provide tips on how to be more productive and manage your time.

How to Increase Productivity with Megan Sumrell

Are you a small business that is struggling with eCommerce sales? Deonnah Carolus of Summit Web Marketing talks about eCommerce sales and marketing. They help entrepreneurs and online shop owners make more sales by using social media and organic marketing strategies.

Top Tips for eCommerce Marketing with Deonnah Carolus

Do you ever struggle to find your purpose in business? Sometimes finding your purpose can be difficult, and you may need some guidance. You may be an entrepreneur, a business, or someone trying to make your way up the corporate ladder. Marina Suholutsky created PurposeBuilt and through this, she has helped businesses, entrepreneurs, and more find their anchors, values, and more.

Need Help Finding Your Purpose?

Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur