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When I was a young woman growing into my career in the 1990’s, there was no roadmap. No how-to. Not a lot of thought was given, nor advice shared, on how to set up a career, manage it and update goals as my skills and instincts evolved. Unfortunately, I don’t see career management being shaped with greater intention today. Aspiring leaders need a new, better action plan for career-building.

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The Difference Between Mentorship and Sponsorship

By definition, data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data to make conclusions and informed decisions, an integral part of process mining, which allows you to monitor and improve performance. There are many ways to automate the collection of this data to make the process faster and more accurate.

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The Power of Data Analytics and How To Use It

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I sat down with Lisa to talk about how she started the reusable bag movement, her new book, Bag Lady, and the coaching services she now offers other entrepreneurs! ​

Lisa Foster on Purpose-Driven Business and Her New Book, Bag Lady

Do you consider yourself a creative or a numbers person? Being one or the other can make it difficult for business owners to analyze their data or to follow creative trends to establish their business. Considering both factors will help you in your business!

Launching Your Business and Design Tips with Caley Adams

Starting your own business can be an exciting life milestone, allowing you to seize control of your work life and become your own boss. However, entrepreneurship can also be scary. You may stress about not getting a regular paycheck, for example, or worry about possibly failing. Women, in particular, may be prone to such worries, especially if they’ve experienced professional setbacks related to the “glass ceiling” in the past.

How to Overcome the Fear That Often Accompanies Entrepreneurship

Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Want to start your own or want to help your business grow?You may think it’s best to start a business that will give you the most money, but that can make your entrepreneurship journey more difficult. Don’t just focus on the monetary factors because you will be involved in your business every single day.

Tips to be Successful Entrepreneur with Bri Seeley

Influencer marketing has taken over and sometimes it can be hard to maneuver it all. Small businesses sometimes need influencers but they can be expensive. Looking for influencers within your budget can also be time-consuming and not lead to your desired results. Inbal Claudio saw what is missing and created Like.Minded Collective.

Influencer Marketing with Inbal Claudio

If you considered starting your own podcast, this is your sign! It seems like everyone is starting a new podcast every day, but there are still fewer podcasts out there than blogs. Starting a podcast has a lot of different factors and it’s important to consider how they may benefit your business.

Podcasting for Business with Caitlin Correa

Lately daily work, family, and personal commitments seem to occur with no end. So many commitments can lead to stress but did you also know all of the mental chatter you have can be the core of stress?

Managing Your Stress with Joyvial Founder, Hanni Berger

Maneuvering your business on many different social platforms can seem difficult especially if you are unfamiliar with a platform. If you’re looking for a platform that would work best for your business, you should utilize LinkedIn. Read Erin’s top tips as a LinkedIn Marketing Expert.

How LinkedIn can help you optimize your business!

Business is not one-dimensional, your soul is using your business as a growth opportunity, and it reflects yourself. It’s up to you to embrace it and take charge of your opportunities in business and life.

Bridging Business and Spiritual World with Ele De Posson

Claire Cui worked in the coaching and fitness space making on 14,000/year and felt the constraint of time for money. After going all-in on her business and hiring a business coach, Claire learned the tools to grow her business and secure health coaching clients.

How To Increase Your Income Through Online Sales

Why do only 1.7% of female founders reach $1 million in annual revenue? Tune in to hear my podcast episode with Michelle Wolf on her show, Opportunity Knocks!

I Was On The Opportunity Knocks Podcast!

Retirement savings is one of these aspects of life that doesn’t necessarily look broken but is one that is and will cost people hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes every year that could be avoided. Taxes are currently at an all-time low, which is the perfect time to reconsider how we are saving for retirement.

The Tax Code Secrets that every Female CEO needs to know in 2022

Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur