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Celia Coughlin-Surridge is an SEO and marketing wizard that uses her expertise to help small businesses develop their SEO and online marketing to grow and achieve their goals.

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SEO Tips To Boost Your Online Presence

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those terms that you’ve probably heard, but you’re not sure what it actually means or how it will help you and your website.It can be scary and intimidating as carving out time to do any additional work within your business is hard, let alone learning a new skill. But here is the thing, if you want to rank higher in online searches and be more visible to the audience you want to attract, then you have to have some kind of SEO foundation in place.

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The SEO Foundation Every Badass CEO Should Know

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The digital revolution has created a new kind of entrepreneur who launches a company as the founder and sole employee. Fundz cites research that shows there are currently 41.8 million of these solopreneurs in the U.S. today. Instead of hiring employees, these business owners outsource any skill they don’t possess to talented freelancers or independent contractors. This helps them keep their focus on what they do best — growing their business. Check out these tips from The Badass CEO on how you can become a successful solopreneur.

Become a Successful Solopreneur With Freelance Help

Marketing strategy and promoting one’s self and business was the topic of conversation this week on our Badass CEO IG Live. Adora Drake, a marketing strategy coach, joined us to give insight on 2021 marketing trends, strategies, and what every CEO needs to know. She helps businesses build brand identities and strategies that reach new clients and their target audience. Adora uses her Instagram to offer free marketing tips and tricks and promote her coaching services which you can learn more about on her website.

Marketing Growth Strategies For New and Experienced Entrepreneurs

The pandemic has hit small business owners right where it hurts: the bottom line. Unfortunately, approximately six out of 10 businesses that closed during the worst of the pandemic won’t recover. If you find yourself still hanging on, keep a tight grip. There’s light at the end of the COVID tunnel, but you still have to get creative to keep the doors open. Here are some tips.

Business Growth Tips As The Pandemic Ends with Amy Collett of BizWell

Self-sabotage is something Renata Bernarde, a career coach living in Melbourne, Australia, knows too well. Her career story involves moving from her home in Brazil, climbing the corporate ladder, and coaching other executives on how to find momentum in their careers. In 2018, she accepted a redundancy package and decided to bring forward a dream to offer executive coaching. Renata joined us on IG Live to discuss her career journey, how she helps clients stop their self-sabotaging habits, and what it takes to balance a full-time job while starting your own business.

Self-Sabotage and Achieving Career Success with Renata Bernarde

Self-discovery and career development go hand in hand. You have to be clear on who you are and what you need to grow in a work environment.

Self-Discovery and Achieving Career Success with Christina DiDonato

Are you an artist but can’t apply your creative talent to starting your own business or business? Jody’s podcast is for you! Jody Levy is a partner, advisor, and investor in many category-disrupting brands and companies connected to the clean living, wellness lifestyle space that empowers people to take care of themselves and optimize their happiness and purpose. She’s an artist, designer, serial entrepreneur, executive, and investor who is the shining example of why you don’t have to do ONE thing if you love the process. She talks us through her multiple businesses, including WTRMLN WTR and the Milk Cleanse, and how she balances it all.

Serial Entrepreneurship and How She Does It All with Jody Levy

Sara Ortins is the co-founder and Chief of Staff of Nimbly Wise; a company focused on training individuals to optimize their potential and level up in the workforce. She sat down with us for an IG Live to talk about how you can bring your best to the table as an employee and how employers maximize their team’s potential.

Soft Skills Development Is The New “It Factor” for Employers

Suppose you have ten employees or vectors for this analogy, and each is going in a different direction. In that case, your company will not be as productive if all your employees are going in the same direction, right?

I Love Elon Musk’s People Are Vector Analogy

If you’ve ever struggled with monetizing your social media presence, you’re not alone. While we all wish it were as easy as posting & logging off, there are many nuances to the modern world of digital marketing – especially in 2021.

Optimizing Social Media For Your Business Goals and Growth

Michele Bailey joined our IG Live series this week. She talked about the importance of gratitude-centered work and company culture. Listen on our IGTV!

Michele Bailey on Gratitude and Employee Wellness

I had the privilege of speaking with a fellow Columbia University graduate and real estate CEO, Pamela Ayusa, about the 7 Pillars she used to grow her company.

Pamela Ayuso on the 7 Pillars of a Successful Business

So you have an idea, and you are trying to decide if you should have a partner. It sure is less messy to launch your company on your own, but there are some perks as well

Picking Your Partner Wisely

Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur