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E-commerce is essential to growing a business. It is the act of selling your service or product online and direct to consumers so without it there is no way to increase revenue and grow. An understanding of organic social, analytics, and the digital space can be what takes you from moderate success to an 8-figure business.

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E-Commerce Solutions To Drive Your Business

In my book, How to Be a Badass Female CEO, which has become an Amazon Best Seller,I discuss why I think that is and what you can do to improve your chances of reaching the TOP.

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How To Be A Badass Female CEO – A Big Thank You!

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Erica Maurer is the founder of EMRG, the leading event marketing company in New York and a trendsetter in virtual events and expos. Virtual events have become the new normal for businesses in 2021 and Erica has successfully hosted over 60 virtual events. Her career achievements have included Shark Tank investor interviews and over 100 million dollars generated through events.

EMRG Founder Talks Virtual Events and Production

Deborah Peters is the founder of the Neuro Engineering Institute, a company that serves business leaders of small and large companies. With a background in neuroscience, Deborah uses mindset strategies as her main approach to better leadership. Her business has grown from 1-1 life coaching to overall company and CEO coaching. Deborah has been coaching business leaders for over 15 years and in 17 countries.

Cultivating The CEO Mindset

Wealth mangement is Vix Munro’s speciality and it is why I invited her to join our IG LIve Spotlight series. We talk about all things building wealth!

Building Personal Wealth with Vix Munro

Blogging is a fantastic way to share your passions and thoughts with the world, and it is also a great way to build a following, expand your personal brand, grow a business, and make money. Luci Petlack of Luci’s Morsels did just that by turning her love for cooking and sustainability into a successful blog and business. She focuses on simplified everyday living and an achievable step-by-step guide to sustainable swaps. Her blog has a weekly newsletter and writes all about eco-friendly style, cooking, beauty, and home products. In addition, her IG has over 40,000 followers!

Blogging and Building a Personal Brand with Luci’s Morsels

I recently joined Anna David on her podcast, Launch Your Book, to talk about what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur and CEO. We dove into my new book, How To Be A Female Badass CEO (if you haven’t gotten a copy yet click the link in my bio – your support means everything!) and I shared my thoughts on why women need a solid support system and to honor their day job – you don’t need to quit just yet.⁠

I Was On the Launch Your Book Podcast!

I recently joined Zoe and Erica (founders of Blueprint and Earth + Star) on their podcast, Finding Your Highway To Well, to talk about imposter syndrome and the tools you need to level the playing field. Type caption (optional)

I Was On The HTW Podcast with Zoe and Erica!

Video content is BIG right now! Whether you are using Tik Tok, Instagram, or browsing the web you will notice the impact video has made on content creation and marketing. The dynamic and captivating nature of video makes it the PERFECT tool to grow your business.

Video Content Can Grow Your Business

Celia Coughlin-Surridge is an SEO and marketing wizard that uses her expertise to help small businesses develop their SEO and online marketing to grow and achieve their goals.

SEO Tips To Boost Your Online Presence

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those terms that you’ve probably heard, but you’re not sure what it actually means or how it will help you and your website.It can be scary and intimidating as carving out time to do any additional work within your business is hard, let alone learning a new skill. But here is the thing, if you want to rank higher in online searches and be more visible to the audience you want to attract, then you have to have some kind of SEO foundation in place.

The SEO Foundation Every Badass CEO Should Know

The digital revolution has created a new kind of entrepreneur who launches a company as the founder and sole employee. Fundz cites research that shows there are currently 41.8 million of these solopreneurs in the U.S. today. Instead of hiring employees, these business owners outsource any skill they don’t possess to talented freelancers or independent contractors. This helps them keep their focus on what they do best — growing their business. Check out these tips from The Badass CEO on how you can become a successful solopreneur.

Become a Successful Solopreneur With Freelance Help

Marketing strategy and promoting one’s self and business was the topic of conversation this week on our Badass CEO IG Live. Adora Drake, a marketing strategy coach, joined us to give insight on 2021 marketing trends, strategies, and what every CEO needs to know. She helps businesses build brand identities and strategies that reach new clients and their target audience. Adora uses her Instagram to offer free marketing tips and tricks and promote her coaching services which you can learn more about on her website.

Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs

The pandemic has hit small business owners right where it hurts: the bottom line. Unfortunately, approximately six out of 10 businesses that closed during the worst of the pandemic won’t recover. If you find yourself still hanging on, keep a tight grip. There’s light at the end of the COVID tunnel, but you still have to get creative to keep the doors open. Here are some tips.

Mid-Pandemic Business Growth with Biz Well

Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur