March 8


Bridging Business and Spiritual World with Ele De Posson

By Mimi MacLean

March 8, 2022

business and spiritual coach Ele Posson

Finding Your Genius Helps Grow Your Business

Business is not one-dimensional, your soul is using your business as a growth opportunity, and it reflects yourself. It’s up to you to embrace it and take charge of your opportunities in business and life.

Ele De Posson is a spiritual business mentor that combines the intuitive, healing, spiritual, and business aspects to help women entrepreneurs. She bridges the business world and spiritual healing world. She is not your classical business mentor and aims to help you find your genius to grow within yourself and with the different aspects of your life.

Ele’s Top Tips To Finding Your Genius and Growing Your Business

  • Expand your knowledge of yourself by using tools such as numerology, astrology, human design, genius keys. If they resonate, then unique if not, then you DROP them.
  • Ask yourself POWERFUL questions such as, “What do I love doing?” and “How is what I’m doing helping me create income?”. These questions will help you get a deeper understanding of yourself and your skills. It will unlock different layers and lead to additional breakthroughs which can help you find your genius.
  • Observe your life reality, and look at where you are triggered, what's holding you back, what's keeping you small, and much more. Understanding those essential aspects will help you push through any obstacles.

If you want to reset on your journey, remember to ask yourself why you might be bored or have fear. Once you realize what is holding you back, you can raise your vibrations, embrace them, and grow as a person.

For the entire IG Live interview, CLICK HERE.

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