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Celia Coughlin-Surridge is an SEO and marketing wizard that uses her expertise to help small businesses develop their SEO and online marketing to grow and achieve their goals.

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SEO Tips To Boost Your Online Presence

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those terms that you’ve probably heard, but you’re not sure what it actually means or how it will help you and your website.It can be scary and intimidating as carving out time to do any additional work within your business is hard, let alone learning a new skill. But here is the thing, if you want to rank higher in online searches and be more visible to the audience you want to attract, then you have to have some kind of SEO foundation in place.

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The SEO Foundation Every Badass CEO Should Know

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Marketing strategy and promoting one’s self and business was the topic of conversation this week on our Badass CEO IG Live. Adora Drake, a marketing strategy coach, joined us to give insight on 2021 marketing trends, strategies, and what every CEO needs to know. She helps businesses build brand identities and strategies that reach new clients and their target audience. Adora uses her Instagram to offer free marketing tips and tricks and promote her coaching services which you can learn more about on her website.

Marketing Growth Strategies For New and Experienced Entrepreneurs

Sara Ortins is the co-founder and Chief of Staff of Nimbly Wise; a company focused on training individuals to optimize their potential and level up in the workforce. She sat down with us for an IG Live to talk about how you can bring your best to the table as an employee and how employers maximize their team’s potential.

Soft Skills Development Is The New “It Factor” for Employers

Suppose you have ten employees or vectors for this analogy, and each is going in a different direction. In that case, your company will not be as productive if all your employees are going in the same direction, right?

I Love Elon Musk’s People Are Vector Analogy

If you’ve ever struggled with monetizing your social media presence, you’re not alone. While we all wish it were as easy as posting & logging off, there are many nuances to the modern world of digital marketing – especially in 2021.

Optimizing Social Media For Your Business Goals and Growth

A pitch deck is a short presentation you need for your company to raise capital. It is a good idea to have a pitch deck from the beginning to make sure you are looking at all the essential aspects of your business. In essence, it is a condensed business plan. You shouldn’t have it be more than 12 pages or under 3-5 minutes to present it. You want it to be clear and concise. The primary purpose of a pitch deck is to generate excitement and interest to follow or invest in your company.

Pitch Decks- All you need to know!

One of the perks of having your own business is being able to deduct business expenses from your income. If you are not doing this, you are missing the boat and you are leaving lots of money on the table.

To Deduct Or Not To Deduct

The statistic that only 5% of females ever reach C-Suites or become CEO is shocking. There are more women who go to college know than men, there is an almost 50/50 split between women and men in the workforce but still, only 5% ever reach the top. Why do you think this is? Besides the obvious gender bias that we are all very aware of, I came up with a few reasons that I think maybe attributing to this.

Only 5% of Women Ever Reach C-Suite

Most entrepreneurs don’t start by saying they wanted to be an entrepreneur. It just kind of happened, and they became an Accidental Entrepreneur. It is often from the need to fill a void in their personal lives that causes them to start a business. They are seeing an opportunity and going for it.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

I was blown away when I first heard that only 1.7% of female entrepreneurs reach $1 Million in sales. How could that be possible when there is almost a 50/50 split between female and male-led companies. As I have been interviewing CEOs and researching, I have compiled a list of 7 crucial steps to become one of the 1.7% percent.

How to Become a Million Dollar CEO

When you start a new business, there are so many things to do that it is easy to let things pile up and cut corners. But starting a separate bank account is not one of those things to let sit on the to-do list too long. You will be sorry if you do, and you will pay the price at tax season next year!

Yes, You need a Separate Business Banking Account

Are you launching a product or a business? No longer do you need to hire PR agencies if you don’t have the funds. You can reach new customers and get the word out by harnessing influencers’ power and their audience to reach even more potential customers. Influencer marketing has become the new “word of mouth”! Any new business that is not taking advantage of it is missing out BIG! Creating, planning, and posting content for your business can be inspiring but also an overwhelming task for a new entrepreneur that’s why I love scheduling posts and batch creating content – it makes the entire process stress-free and smooth. Sites like Planoly, make it easy to create and schedule weeks of content in advance leaving your social media growing and you focused on your business.

Promote Your Brand With Influencers

Have you thought about raising capital for your business, but the process seems daunting? Your instinct is to secure a bank loan, but this may not be an option for you because banks want loans secured by a personal asset. You will need to seek capital from other people or companies. There is a process that every scalable business goes through to raise money, which I will explain here for you. Keep reading to find out all the steps and stages you can go through to raise the capital that will take your business to the next level.

Stages of Raising Capital for a Business

Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur