February 11


Clubhouse A New Voice-Based App with a 100 Million Dollar Evaluation

By Mimi MacLean

February 11, 2021

Clubhouse Social Media Network app icon 2021.
Photographer: William Krause | Source: Unsplash

Have you heard of the Clubhouse app? If not, you are missing out. While Tik Tok might have kicked out Instagram as the top social media platform in 2020, Clubhouse is ready to disrupt the market in 2021. It is a platform that seemingly combines the ease of listening, the intrigue of exclusivity, and the dream of having your own TED talk. While still only in its beta phase, the app has already gotten a lot of buzz and a 100 million dollar evaluation.

Once invited to the platform, users can create or join “rooms” that have curated conversations happening – topics can vary from politics to international affairs to mental health. The rooms are conducted entirely by the host users, but listeners can join in the conversation or sit back and listen. Users have commented that Clubhouse gives the feeling of “listening to a podcast while scrolling through your Twitter feed” or “walking down the street and overhearing conversations.” The app’s algorithm will give you user follow and room suggestions depending on your activity. Still, the app is reasonably up to you regarding the content presented, which is another reason users love it – a sense of independence from the overly curated and ad-saturated platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Clubhouse has attracted the attention of tech-savvy users and Silicone valley investors and celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, MC Hammer, and Oprah – they have led and joined in on conversations side by side with regular users and their fans. This type of close contact with industry leaders and celebrities has been a massive draw for new users as they get to casually and comfortably converse with them. The app doubles down on its exclusive nature by not recording or transcribing any of the conversations, so you have to be there to hear it. The founders decided on this to encourage people to spend time on the app and give the conversation a realistic “face-to-face” feel where there is no going back and listening to something.

This new social media platform that allows you to participate without looking at your screen is making waves in the tech industry, something that has not happened in years due to the big social media giants. It combines connecting with others and casually sharing your opinions. Whether or not Clubhouse will see exponential growth and longevity is uncertain. Still, it is creating a discourse on how social media can adapt to a changing population and its needs.

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