February 7


Digital Marketing in 2022 for Female Entrepreneurs

By Mimi MacLean

February 7, 2022

digital marketing expert Melissa Maulini
Melissa Maulini, Founder of Maulini Creative

Using Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business

Digital marketing is the key to a business's success in 2022. Whether you are looking for more followers, email list growth, and converting followers to customers, today's IG live interview will answer it all. Melissa Maulini is the founder of Maulini Creative; a digital marketing agency focused on helping brands up their digital presence.

Melissa's Digital Marketing Tips

  • You need a LEAD MAGNET! It has to be free and value your target customer/client. This will start building your funnel and get people introduced to your services.
  • Video content is KING! All social media platforms are moving towards video and connecting with followers on a "face to face" video basis.
  • Tik Tok is not only for young people – sharing a story is what matters!
  • Tik Tok's popularity doesn't mean popularity on Reels – focusing on each platform's trending sounds.
  • Focus on content and providing value through emails to grow your open rate.
  • If you plateau, ask yourself – what makes my content compelling?
  • Use all of the features a platform offers! There is a reason the features are there and IG/Tik Tok/etc. will reward you for using.

Watch our full IGTV interview HERE

For More About Melissa and Her Agency

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