August 18


Fearless Interior Designer Starts Her Own eCommerce Business: Porch + Hall

By Mimi MacLean

August 18, 2020

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As an interior designer for twenty years, Stafford Meyer has seen countless beautiful homes. Every detail is perfectly executed except for the entryway. Usually, there is a beaten-down coir mat or a new coir mat that sheds everywhere. Sometimes it’s just an unattractive rubber thing or a pad with a silly saying on it. In almost every case, that mat is not even close to the rest of the home’s caliber.

There was a need in the entry mat market. Stafford had this idea in her head for years, but she was too busy with her interior design business and raising her kids to work on it. She would do a little research here and there but never committed to the concept until she had a stroke at the age of 46. With no underlying conditions, this was shocking and life-changing. It made her fearless.

Stafford decided she would focus on creating beautiful and long-lasting entry mats that would compliment the rest of the home. With her interior design experience, fearlessness, and a need in the market, Stafford founded Porch + Hall.

Knowing nothing about SEO, CTR, ROI, and AOV, Stafford was nervous about starting an eCommerce business, but that didn’t stop her. Learning from her previous interior design business experience, she knows her strengths, weaknesses, and when to delegate specific tasks. Stafford hired a part-time eCommerce manager and digital marketing consultant to help guide her through the new acronyms and assist with customer service. She has a squad of website developers who helped design and create her website, which is crucial for an online business.

Stafford candidly told me in our interview that she is “not smarter or more equipped than anyone else to be a founder or start a business, but it’s just keeping at it.” Her advice to entrepreneurs is to be fearless and persistent. There will be some days when you feel like it would be a lot easier to fold than get back up. But once you get back up, the next day is always better, and it is worth the journey.

Listen to today’s episode of the Badass CEO podcast with Stafford Meyer to hear more of her experience and advice.

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