September 24


Essential Tips for Work-Life Balance

By Mimi MacLean

September 24, 2020

How To Successfully Balance Work From Home

My favorite self-care techniques while working from home include movement. I started setting the alarm to get up and stretch every hour, and now I force myself to take 30 minutes to eat lunch away from my computer. If possible, I like to walk around when on conference calls or chatting with co-workers. If you can’t walk around, block out time every day to get outside and go for a quick 30-minute walk. I enjoy listening to a podcast or audiobook while on my walk. I would also recommend getting into an exercise routine; moving your body is beneficial for your health and helps you be more energized for work.

With four kids at home during this time, I have sequestered myself to my closet since my office is in the middle of the kitchen. I usually tape up a Do Not Disturb sign on my door. I have a set time each day to check in with my team, so we are all ready to go. Communicating with your colleagues is even more crucial when you are working remotely. You are used to being able to bounce ideas off of each other, catching up when you bump into each other in the halls or cafeteria, and talking over your cubicles. It is better to over-communicate and promptly return emails, calls, and messages. Slack is a great way to communicate with your team as a group. Asana is my go-to app to keep track of project progress and delegate tasks. If you have video calls, make sure to have a professional or plain background behind you and dress professionally. Video calls can help you connect with your team in a more personal way. Don’t forget to put the light in front of you, not behind you. You will look better!

When we are working from home, we tend never to leave work. I have heard from many friends that they are working harder now because of online meetings scheduled back to back with no breaks. It is crucial to set breaks into your schedule, including lunch or a quick workout. Also, don’t forget to create in-office hours to give yourself a starting and ending time. Give yourself a hard shut-off time so you can decompress and move away from your desk at night. Beyond giving yourself a break, it allows you to enjoy this time at home with your family. I have enjoyed this time staying close to home with friends and family.

Especially being an entrepreneur or CEO, we automatically know how to work hard, but sometimes we need to slow down and create balance in our lives so we don’t burn out.

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