October 22


My Favorite Takeaways from the Badass CEO Podcast

By Mimi MacLean

October 22, 2020

Every time I finish a podcast interview, I am blown away by how impressive each badass female entrepreneur and CEO is. These women are disrupting industries, innovating processes, filling voids in the market, learning on the go, fundraising, building brands, and much more! My goal is for you, as listeners, to feel empowered and motivated and have meaningful takeaways to make you more knowledgeable and successful. Here are my favorite ten quotes from previous Badass CEO Podcast episodes.

My advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on profitability. It’s incredibly important. It makes you more successful in the long run. It makes you depend on less investors.

Jesse Draper, founder of Halogen Ventures

Failure is just a way to get better.

Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder of Unplug Meditation

Before you launch anything, you need to think if you are fulfilling a need.

Kiri Cole Popa, founder & publisher The Health Examiner

Surround yourself with good people.

Stefanie Cove, founder of Stefanie Cove and Company

If you are putting those hours in and you are making yourself the best you can possibly be, it is going to show.

Nadine Crocker, director & producer of Continue The Film

Own your story, build your story, yet at the same time, never be afraid of change.

Vera Koch, VP of Global Marketing for eSalon

Transparency at all costs. It’s been really important to deliver the bad news as quickly and as harshly as possible. If you lose your investors confidence or trust, I would say it’s virtually impossible to get it back.

Victoria Montgomery Brown, founder of Big Think

One of the greatest assets is knowing what I’m good at, what I’m not, and learning how to hand tasks off to others.

Stafford Meyer, founder of Porch + Hall

‘When looking for a mentor, think about who in your life is inspiring you, is where you would like to be, and doing things that are interesting, or thinking in a way that you want to be thinking.

Amanda Foster, founder of Foster Inc.

You have to have a strong passion, strong work ethic, and you got to go for it.

Molly Sims, supermodel & actress

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