August 4


Finding Balance with Kiri Cole

By thebadassceo

August 4, 2020

When you are an entrepreneur, you have never worked harder. However, its crucial for your health and well-being to have balance. Kiri Cole Popa, entrepreneur and health and wellness expert, discusses how to stay balanced in our current society of go, go, go.

Kiri Cole is the founder, publisher, and CEO of?The Health Examiner, an online publication that focuses on functional alternative and natural medicine. It is a one-stop-shop for evidence-based health and wellness research and insights. The health examiner offers cutting edge articles and information for my plethora of top researchers, doctors, nutritionists, and scientists to help readers stave off sickness, chronic disease and premature aging and experience of vitality.

Success does not happen overnight, so ?as long as you?re keeping track and making steady progress every day,? you are headed in the right direction. Building a business will likely take you twice as long as you planned; it?s all about consistency, commitment, discipline, and envisioning your end goal.

I always ask entrepreneurs how they structure their days and stay organized. The answer usually revolves around their calendar and to-do list. I?m a paper person. I write down everything I want and need to accomplish for the day and week. It?s so satisfying to cross tasks off my list. We all make to-do lists, but as Kiri Cole explained, ?sometimes striving for balance means that something gets pushed to the next day.? Sometimes we can?t do it all in one day, and it rolls to the next. You need to stop, regroup, and recharge, ?so the next day, you can come full force and give it your all.?

Recharging looks different for everybody. Maybe today, you need a quick nap. Kiri loves to exercise and get some vitamin D. Others like practicing yoga or meditation. I enjoy taking long walks outside without any devices. Take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy, whatever it might be. Your work and health will be better for it.

Listen to the full episode with Kiri Cole Popa?here. Have a great week, and enjoy yourself!


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