Guest Checklist

Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on The Badass CEO. The podcast is fun and casual. But, I like to provide a list of questions to help you prepare. I don't always get to all the questions as I want to make the podcast more conversational. Our goal is to record for approximately 30 mins. This is NOT live, so if something happens with the audio, internet connection, or we fumble the conversation, we can stop or edit. If you are willing, we like to record with video to share on IGTV or YouTube. Please let us know if you prefer to record it without video.


  • Is there any background noise in your current location? (A/C, fans, dogs, etc.)
  • If we are videoing, you may want to have light in front of you; it will brighten your face. Make sure there isn?t a lot of echo in your location.
  • If wearing lapel mics, make sure they will not be rubbed by your hair, earrings, or clothes. If you are tech-savvy, feel free to record the audio on your side and share it after.
  • Have water nearby in case needed
  • Please turn off your cell phones or any electronics that make noise.


  • If using a regular mic, ensure the mic is about 3-4 inches from your mouth
  • We are using Zoom to record. Click the zoom link provided to join
  • Remove any items from the table that you may fidget with. The mic will pick up the sliding of papers, pens, etc.


  • Ensure you have sent headshot and any information you want to be included in our write up about the podcast.
  •  We will be emailing you the week before your podcast release with social media graphics, quote cards, and audio clips.
  •  We would appreciate it if you would share with your followers to promote the podcast.
  •  Please post a Podcast review as it helps the podcast to be placed higher in search.
  • If you wish to offer our listeners a discount or giveaway of your products or services to promote your business, please contact us to discuss details.
  • Please provide us with your address as well. We have a little something for you!
  • Thank you again. This podcast would not be possible without the generosity of your time and willingness to participate.
  • Feel free to contact me with any questions at 

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