September 17


Are You a Half Glass Full Person or a Half Glass Empty One?

By Mimi MacLean

September 17, 2020

I like to think of myself as a half glass full kind of person. It is really hard for me though. I have to work really hard at it because I am always thinking of ways to make my glass full. I love to look at situations and try to improve them and make them better instead of just accepting them and enjoying what is there. But once I became conscious of the fact that it is a choice, it has become much easier for me and I realize it is a necessity to have health and happiness in life.

Happiness has been a buzz word lately and understandably. There are more books, podcasts and articles than you can count on about happiness. I believe it truly is the secret to a healthy and fulfilling life. Happiness is something that everyone looks for and everyone talks about. But did you know that happiness is also good for you? It is not just good for you because you end up with a better outlook on life; it is physically good for you.

Happy people live longer and healthier lives. There are many theories on why happiness is good for your health. Some people suggest that happy people tend to have healthier behaviors. Other people suggest that happiness helps form social connections, which is a factor in health. Many people believe that happy people simply focus on the positive and have reduced stress levels. High-stress levels are proven to cause inflammation, lower immune systems, weight problems, and heart problems. Whatever the answer, happiness is a major factor in your health. Happiness can actually help you perceive less pain, feel better more quickly, and feel less stressed. All of these lead to less illness and quicker recovery times. Experts have been studying happiness for years they cannot explain it all, but they do see a direct correlation between happiness and health.

What is the secret to happiness? Happiness is not something that is ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama
Happiness is something that you have to work for. It is not something that will just happen. There are several ways to increase happiness in your life.

  1. You must realize that only you know what makes you truly happy. No spouse, child, or person can make you happy. Since you know what makes you happy, you must pursue it. We’re not talking about a short-term happy that new shoes bring to you. We’re talking about a deep down happy feeling that lasts days or months. This happiness can be going for a walk, painting, reading and doing an activity that brings you joy and calms your heart.
  2. You must also find time to find your center. Find time to meditate or even just lay down and actively relax. Take five minutes each day and refuse to think about any responsibilities. This helps clear your mind and increase your sense of well-being. I was never one for meditating but have slowly come to learn and enjoy meditating each day. There are so many good apps now for meditating.
  3. Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. Happiness is contagious. Have you ever been out with your friends and noticed that happiness tends to spread? The people we surround ourselves with spread their emotions to us. On the contrary, learn to let go of relationships that do not make us feel good and bring us down. You must be surrounded by positive vibes in order to be happy.
  4. Eat right. Treat your body like it is the only one you have because it is! When you eat right you feel better. How many times have I reached for the bagel or pizza and boy was it good, but I soon found myself asleep on the couch or down-and-out. Food has a direct relationship to your mood.
  5. Exercise. A little movement each day works wonders for your mood. Even if you can’t run, go for a walk. After I ran a marathon I never went for a run again, but I still see positive health benefits from walking. How many times have you reluctantly not wanted to work out, but once you did you felt much better after?

Happy people have better health and tend to live longer. Resolve to look on the bright side, drop your stress and your worries, and be happy!

Read these books if you want to learn more about happiness:

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