August 25


Editor in Chief Rises to CEO of Hollywood Entertainment Company

By thebadassceo

August 25, 2020

Anne-Marie O?Neill is the CEO of Whalerock Industries, a highly acclaimed Hollywood production studio, and entertainment business consulting firm. Whalerock consultants create and execute transformative digital content and marketing strategies to help their clients innovate and grow their businesses. Anne-Marie started working at Whalerock Industries as editor in chief in 2011 and rose to CEO in 2019.

Originally from Australia, Anne-Marie came to the US in her twenties to work at?People?for a few years. Those few years turned into eight! After rising to Senior Editor and an impressive career at?People,?Anne-Marie moved to Deputy Editor at?Real Simple.?Anne-Marie and her husband decided they wanted to raise their kids in California. After four years at?Real Simple, they made the big move from New York to Los Angeles. That?s the SparkNotes of how she ended up at Whalerock Industries and becoming CEO.

Throughout her writing career, Anne-Marie never envisioned herself being CEO of an entertainment company. As she evolved in her roles, Anne-Marie began making more business and leadership decisions, developed skill sets needed, formed relationships in the industry, and proved herself as a Badass CEO.

Anne-Marie?s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and CEOs is to read. Study your industry and understand business trends. Her favorites are?Business Insider, Forbes, AdWeek,?and LinkedIn. Second, be willing to adapt. For example, if you graduate with a journalism degree, you don?t have only to be a journalist your whole life. Being a good writer, communicator, reporter, and knowing how to ask the right questions to elicit the information you need, are skillsets that will take you in a multitude of different directions. Never feel pigeon-holed into one position, keep pushing yourself to learn and grow.

If you want to listen to our conversation and learn more about what it takes to be a CEO from Anne-Marie O?Neill, check out this week?s episode of the Badass CEO Podcast.


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