January 11


How Systems and Operations Can Help Your Business Grow

By Mimi MacLean

January 11, 2022

systems and operations expert

Taylor Torres, Systems and Operations Expert

This week on our first IG Live of 2022, we sat down with systems expert, former virtual assistant turned entrepreneur Taylor Torres. She first founded The Social Circle, a mega profitable virtual assistant studio. After seeing high demand, Taylor scaled her services into Chanel & Lee, a high-level strategy and operations thinktank serving the modern, multi-passionate CEO. Taylor is now working on educating other VAs on how they can grow past the side hustle and make a six-figure income for themselves.

Systems and operations are an amazing way for you to streamline your business and be able to focus on big picture ideas and paths versus being stuck in the details. They are essential to delegating with clarity, growing with a clear vision and for your team (no matter the size) to be able to run smoothly.

Taylor’s Advice on Creating Systems for Your Business

  • Figure out what you need out of a system and where you want to scale
  • Let go of the control and play into the automation
  • Training and educating your team on the system is ESSENTIAL

How To Transition from Side Hustle to Full Time

  • Referrals and client acquisition through word of mouth is everything
  • Social media marketing is the next level of building a portfolio
  • Pricing to your worth is all about confidence in the work you are doing

Her New Workshop for Virtual Assistants, How She Grew Her Business and the New Trends for Assitant Work

Later in January, Taylor will be hosting a workshop (ticket price and event information can be found on her website) on her VA journey, what the trends are, how to niche down as a VA and not have to be a jack of all trades, how to scale and price, and more!

To hear our full IGTV click HERE

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