January 15


How To Create Company Culture When Everyone Is Remote

By Mimi MacLean

January 15, 2021

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When it comes to running a business today something many of us were not prepared to work on and pivot into is creating a strong company culture through Zoom – how do you even begin to bridge the gap between your company’s mission and new hires when there is a screen between you? Many businesses suffer due to people problems – whether it be hiring the right people or retaining the right ones thus it is clear you need to set the right cornerstones for your company’s culture and environment (online and offline). On the Badass CEO podcast, we have had an array of insightful discussions surrounding how to prioritize and succeed in creating the right, motivated employee roster that is aligned with your mission.

Creating a healthy and empowering company culture only can begin when you have hired the right set of people for the right set of positions. As another former podcast guest and successful business owner, Michelle Seiler Tucker pointed out – a person has to not only be a great fit for the company but a great fit for the position. Her company uses a variety of tests based on the position she is hiring for as a way of determining the best candidates. Probably the number one reason business owners sell their business is because of people problems. I think most entrepreneurs are probably not good people managers at all, because we’re entrepreneurs, we expect everybody to be like us. While you can view remote interviews as setting more roadblocks to you finding the best employees, I challenge you to use the distance as a way of internally clarifying what are the qualities and personality traits needed to succeed in the position and boost company goals.

No company’s culture will be the same there always needs to be a sense of inclusion and support especially in a time where many remote employees are reporting feeling isolated and unmotivated to complete the same level of work. A healthy virtual company culture features over-communicating and fostering a sense of engagement and collaboration. A former podcast guest and CEO of Good Mylk Co., Brooke Harris discusses the change from office to online and the importance of finding the right tools for your team, In the beginning, we tried three or four different types of tools that just didn’t work. We’ve started a thing where we’ll have just the Zoom, everyone has their Zoom on for a few hours, a couple of days a week, just working together as we would in an office in case we want to chit chat or say hi or not talking at all.

She emphasizes the importance of keeping familiarity and connectedness through Zoom. If you are feeling a disconnect between your employees try to allot weekly time for candid conversations about how everyone is doing. Having a dedicated space for your team to ask questions, share feedback, and reconnect as people, not just goals will give them a sense of empowerment and freedom which is critical in this WFH era.

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