June 7


How to Increase Productivity with Megan Sumrell

By Mimi MacLean

June 7, 2022

Megan Sumrell, Founder of the Pink Bee App

Sometimes life can get busy that it can become hard to be productive and manage your time efficiently. Megan Sumrell, time management and productivity coach is here to provide tips on how to be more productive and manage your time. Megan firstly recognizes that it’s impossible to do everything and it’s important to learn that that is okay. In order to be able to do be productive, you’ll have to implement systems that will help you get things done. You may be asking what are these systems?

The system that Megan describes is the Top Framework for time management, organization, and productivity. This framework involves the organization of information. Implementing the right storage systems for all of the various forms of organization we’re juggling will be the heart of implementation.

Two Core Pieces for a Meaningful System to Increase Productivity:

  • It should be a CENTRAL – a place you go to where you collect all of the things you want to get done. This can be digital.
  • Have a planning system that is not daily – think bigger picture.

Creating a meaningful system can also help you with procrastinating as creating a weekly plan will help pick the stuff you don’t want to do. Remember to have a system instead of a task list!

Megan has her own app called ThePinkBee that’ll help you be more organized and productive. It’s like carrying around a time management coach in your pocket. Megan also has her own courses such as her self-paced course, the Top Program. Megan has a morning routine live workshop coming up which is totally free!

Check out our full IG Live interview HERE!

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