March 1


How To Increase Your Income Through Online Sales

By Mimi MacLean

March 1, 2022

How Claire Cui Grew Her Coaching Business From 14K A Year To Now 14K/month

Claire Cui worked in the coaching and fitness space making only 14,000/year and felt the constraint of time for money. After going all-in on her business and hiring a business coach, Claire learned the tools to grow her business and secure health coaching clients. She was able to secure her first $6,000/month and broke the ceiling of charging her worth and building her career and dream life.

She joined our IG Live to share her story and the tips needed to increase sales, charging what your work is worth, and the importance of letting go of the hourly for steadier, automated client service.

Claire’s Tips To Increasing Your Income And Sales

  • Don’t price your services based on what you think your clients can afford
  • Price services based on what you need
  • 1-1 coaching is a premium service that is a great starting point for new coaches
  • It is all about confidence and shedding the “neediness” insecurity can create when trying to secure clients
  • Add a component to your services that are personal and video in order to better connect with your clients

Her last words of advice for entrepreneurs stuck in the hourly rate loop, know your talent, know your value so focus on building the skills to communicate that talent and value!

Tune in to the full interview HERE

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