November 3


How to Optimize Your Brain with Dr. Tere Linzey

By Mimi Maclean

November 3, 2020

As entrepreneurs, we are continually trying to master new skills and maximize our potential.?This week on the Badass CEO podcast Dr. Tere Linzey dives into how the brain works and how we can optimize its performance. Dr. Linzey is a licensed educational psychologist and founder of BrainMatterZ, a program meant to improve auditory processing, executive functioning skills, attention/focus, and memory in youths.??As a collegiate National Championship winning basketball player and accomplished coach, Dr. Linzey explains that you can train the brain, just like you train your muscles to play a sport. So the next time you are trying to learn something new, think about when you played sports as a kid. It?s all about breaking it down to the fundamentals and repetition. If you don?t have the basics down, you will struggle, so thoughtful repetition and spending time in this learning phase is essential. As soon as you master it, then you can build on that.?Furthermore, Dr. Linzey emphasizes having a growth mindset ?because every time you come up against some resistance, you can?t give up or see it as a failure.? Instead, you need to see it as ?guidance, and use your creativity to move past that and grit to stay with it.? As an entrepreneur, you need to be flexible and willing to adjust.?Lastly, you need to figure out what motivates you, and what is your purpose for starting this business? Whatever it might be, use it to enhance your focus and develop a strategy to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

Mimi Maclean

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