August 9


How to Overcome Fear and Become a Badass Female CEO

By Mimi MacLean

August 9, 2022


Mimi Shares Insights Directly from Her Chart-Topping New Book!

In one generation, women went from being shut out of the labor force to comprising more than 50 percent of employed Americans. Many working women are also moms, and while it might be exhausting, many working mothers feel like superheroes who show the world they can have it all. Women-founded companies are killing it, too: studies show that they’re earning, on average, two times the revenue per dollar invested compared with companies founded by men. Everywhere you turn, women make waves and money in virtually every industry, from tech to finance and fashion to film.

So what’s the problem? Remember when I said 50% of the workforce is female? Well, take a guess on how many are in C-Suite positions. Fifty percent of the workforce but only a percent of leadership. As for jobs that lead to powerful positions, the statistics aren’t much better. According to a recent Forbes study, men outnumber women in C-suite positions by 17 to 1. And half of the companies that participated in the study had no women in C-level roles. At all. Studies show that women at so many major corporations occupy jobs that don’t lead to high-level promotions, while men are often set on the leadership track from the day they sign their letters.

These findings and statistics are the EXACT reason we, as women, should push aside fear, educate ourselves, find mentors and raise that 5% to reflect the true value we bring to industries. Easier said than done, here are some common mindset blocks you and many others might be facing:

  • Not thinking big enough
  • Hard time nailing down a strategy
  • Not tapping into your network to find mentors
  • Insisting on doing everything for everyone
  • Letting imposter syndrome stop you

So how do you break free from these mindsets and start your Badass CEO journey?

  • Look to resources for answers, you don’t have to know everything. My podcast, The Badass CEO, is a platform built to share the journeys of successful female entrepreneurs so others can learn! Subscribe, tune in, and get inspired HERE!
  • Create a group of 3 people you trust to be your sounding board for ideas.
  • Spend some time journaling and writing affirmations to break out of the imposter syndrome

My Top Tips for Starting Out On Your Journey

  • Foster your entrepreneurial spirit – what inspires you? where can you spark joy and help others? what is the gap you film?
  • Don’t quit your day job – build your business on the side and keep the financial security your job currently provides (you’ll need this for later!)
  • Build a support system filled with mentors and peers that inspire and understand you and your goals
  • For more of my Badass CEO tips, click here, and you’ll receive my complete FREE guide!

How to be a Badass CEO by Mimi Maclean is available on Amazon in print and e-book! Get your copy now!

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