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How to Tell Your Brand’s Story with Marketing Expert, Vera Koch

By Mimi MacLean

September 1, 2020

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Marketing is an essential component of running a successful business. You might have the best idea, but you need a unique brand story to attract loyal customers and bring your business to the next level.

This week on the Badass CEO Podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down with  Koch, the VP of Global Marketing for eSalon and Colorsmith, custom hair color brands tailored to you. With over 15 years of global marketing experience, Vera Koch knows the in’s and out’s of telling a brand’s story. This episode will give you expert advice and ideas to elevate your brand’s marketing.

Vera believes that your brand starts with the  story you are looking to tell because that is what makes your brand differentiated, distinct, and interesting. First, begin with building your brand’s core values, the mission of what you are looking to accomplish, and the customer needs you are looking to fulfill. You can even try building a picture of your customer in your mind. But don’t just visualize someone you like, think about where your customer likes to shop, what struggles they face daily, be realistic.

Vera’s biggest piece of advice is to own your story, build your story yet at the same time, never be afraid of change. As you continue to test different angles and messaging, you must still be willing to adapt your story in different environments and stay up-to-date on the most relevant platforms. The world is accelerating faster than ever before, so you need to find the right resources to educate yourself, learn from other people’s stories, and be ready to pivot quickly.

Not only is Vera a badass storyteller and marketing expert, but she is also a great leader. I love how she starts every Monday morning team meeting with these three questions:

  • What was your biggest success last week?
  • What was your most memorable moment from the weekend?
  • And what is your biggest priority for the week?

These three questions allow you to be proud of your achievements, recognize what other people are working on, connect with your co-workers, and set weekly goals. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, you could do this exercise with yourself to celebrate your progress, enjoy the little moments, and prioritize your week.

Vera had some incredible pieces of advice throughout our conversation. You can find the full-length episode here.

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