September 28


I Was On The HTW Podcast with Zoe and Erica!

By Mimi MacLean

September 28, 2021

I Chatted All Things Confidence and Being A Badass on the HTW Podcast

I recently joined Zoe and Erica (founders of Blueprint and Earth + Star)  on their podcast, Finding Your Highway To Well, to talk about imposter syndrome and the tools you need to level the playing field.


Episode 132 — HTW Podcast


HTW Podcast

We dove into my new book, How To Be  A Female Badass CEO (if you haven’t gotten a copy yet click HERE – your support means everything!) and I shared my thoughts on why women need a solid support system and to honor their day job – you don’t need to quit just yet.

In the episode, you will hear me talk about:

  • Creating The Badass CEO; her platform, blog, and course for women to reach their business goals
  • Finding our voices as women in the workplace
  • The persistent inequality of women-led businesses getting funding (or not)
  • Raising kids for the future
  • Helping entrepreneurs save time

Listen to the full podcast episode on all podcast streaming platforms and don’t forget to give Zoe and Erica a follow on the HTW Instagram.

And if you are interested in learning more about my NEW BOOK, How to Be a Badass CEO, you can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Zoe and Erica Were on the Badass CEO Podcast – Have you Listened?

Zoe and Erica joined me on the Badass CEO podcast to talk about their business Earth and Star so make sure to listen and read by clicking HERE

Earth and Star founder Zoe and Erica

Zoe and Erica, founder of  Earth and Star

Both Zoe and Erica are continuously learning and consider themselves wellness gurus, and they once again saw white space in the medicinal mushroom industry. They jumped at the opportunity and started a company, Earth and Star, that uses the immune-supporting adaptogenic mushrooms in the consumer’s daily routines through ready-to-drink lattes, coffees, and chocolate. With Earth and Star, the two entrepreneurs successfully launched a product to make functional mushrooms as accessible and delicious as possible to the masses, emphasizing the benefits of supporting immunity, energy, and focus when integrated into a daily routine.

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