April 5


Influencer Marketing with Inbal Claudio

By Mimi MacLean

April 5, 2022

Are you interested in working with influencers? Is an influencer reaching out to you?

Influencer marketing has taken over and sometimes it can be hard to maneuver it all. Small businesses sometimes need influencers but they can be expensive. Looking for influencers within your budget can also be time-consuming and not lead to your desired results. Inbal Claudio saw what is missing and created Like.Minded Collective.

Like.Minded Collective is a social marketplace where female entrepreneurs, brands, and influencers can be supported by each other and network with each other. Inbal Claudio started Like.Minded Collective after her candle business needed to go online and she had to look for influencers. She found that influencers were typically out of her budget and it was very time-consuming to look for influencers that align with her brand. She gave tips on working with influencers and what small businesses should do when working with influencers.

Inbal’s Influencer Marketing Tips:

  • Look at an influencer’s FOLLOWER ENGAGEMENT. The amount of engagement they get from followers is important as they may have a lot of followers but you don’t know if they are real followers.
  • Take notice of how they promote different brands. They might just take a picture and tag a brand. Look for those that talk about your brand, show how it works, and more.
  • Consider an AMBASSADOR PROGRAM! This will help you reach influencers who want to make a commission and are excited to work with your brand.

Inbal provided amazing advice and to learn more about Like.Minded Collective check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

To hear more about her company and to hear more tips for influencer marketing check out the IG Live here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/Ca2lDVwv6dD/.

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