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Launching Your Business and Design Tips with Caley Adams

By Mimi MacLean

April 26, 2022

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Caley Adams, Founder of Wildes District

Do you consider yourself a creative or a numbers person? Being one or the other can make it difficult for business owners to analyze their data or to follow creative trends to establish their business. Considering both factors will help you in launching your business!

Caley Adams is the founder of Wildes District, a creative design studio in NYC. Wildes District mainly works with female-owned businesses to help them launch their business. They work with businesses' branding, website, apps, products, and guidance. Caley is creative, but she also analyzes numbers. She thinks it is important to look into your Google Analytics as it can provide you with important information. From looking at your analytics, it’s also important to look at creative trends that will help you differentiate from the competition, visually look different, and most importantly help you communicate differently. She mentioned that color expressive brands are trending, and brands are starting to avoid the standard studio product image style.

Lessons Learned from Launching Multiple Businesses:

  • Businesses are not optimizing sites for mobile. This is important to do as customers are MOSTLY MOBILE these days and if they do a lot of their shopping from their phones.
  • Businesses are not paying attention to data! They do not turn on their Google Analytics or don’t pay attention to it. It is important to utilize Google Analytics as it can give you important information.
  • Businesses are over-relying on gaining customers through Instagram. Now it has become more competitive and more costly to rely on Instagram. You’ll need to think of other ways to diversify your brand awareness. Remember NOT ALL FOLLOWERS LEAD TO SALES.
  • Lastly, focus on customer loyalty in order to help your brand go viral.

For more tips on launching and applying design to your business model, tune into our IG Live.

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