October 14


Leadership Tips from A Leadership Consultant Expert: Amanda Foster

By Mimi Maclean

October 14, 2020

Amanda Foster is the founder of Foster Inc, a strategic consulting practice for progressive, high growth organizations. Her experience with clients such as Google, Spotify, Quantcast, Cruise, Side Walk Labs, Buzzfeed, Unilever, and Westfield LLC make her a sought-after consultant to train the best and most successful executives.

Not only has Amanda built her company from the ground up very quickly, she knows what it takes to be a badass entrepreneur and CEO as an experienced coach in leadership and development, corporate strategy, and organizational change and culture. Amanda believes specific attributes are needed to make respectable and successful leaders.

Agility – Able to think and move quickly, ready to adapt and learn.

Nimbleness – quick thinking, willing to pivot.

Thought Leaders – informed and trusted, the go-to people in their field of expertise.

Curiosity – Being inquisitive and thoughtful about what is happening now and in the future. You should always be learning.

Multi-generational Management – Be able to communicate, delegate, and oversee employees across generations.

Inclusive – ensure every employee feels valued, understand how people?s differences create a creative and positive environment and business outcomes.

Listen to this week?s episode of the?Badass CEO Podcast?to learn more about what it takes to become a successful leader as you grow your company. Your team can be the difference between what makes you succeed or not, so make sure you are leading them the best way possible!!

Mimi Maclean

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Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Mimi MacLean brings you business strategies, life experiences, lessons learned, inspiration, and advice for you to be your best Badass Entrepreneur Self.

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