May 3


Lisa Foster on Purpose-Driven Business and Her New Book, Bag Lady

By Mimi MacLean

May 3, 2022

From English Teacher to Entrepreneur and Author

Lisa Foster used to be a teacher then went on a hiatus with her husband to Australia; while she was there, she realized that they were using reusable bags and the United States had not done that yet, so when she went back to the United six months later she created a business to business bag company where she would license bags with their logos on it and started a movement of reusable bags in the United States she attributes her leadership and not faulting on quality, and business ethics are critical. She went to Australia with a purpose, and while there, she was motivated by the impact plastic bags have on the planet.

She did her research and became even more motivated to change how Americans shopped. She made sure she did not want to cut corners and provided sustainable friendly eke environmentally friendly bags. When she returned to the US, she made cold calls as she started working as a teacher again and would do a 30-second pitch of the tragic life of a plastic bag. She got businesses to work with her and grew her business. The pandemic has impacted that business model, but Lisa now does coaching.

Her book, Bag Lady talks about her experience and the lessons that she learned that you could make a difference as an entrepreneur and not fault on your business ethics and morals. She was inspired to write a book lockdown, and she always wanted to write about her experiences, and she is sincere in her book.

Her new book was released in April; make sure to check it out HERE.

To hear more about Lisa’s journey, tune in to the IG live:

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