March 22


Managing Your Stress with Joyvial Founder, Hanni Berger

By Mimi MacLean

March 22, 2022

Learn how to manage your stress with some insightful tips!

Lately, daily work, family, and personal commitments seem to occur with no end. So many obligations can lead to stress, but did you also know all of the mental chatter you have can be the core of focus? Yes, mental chatter results in stress as 80% of our thoughts are negative; Hanni Berger joined us to give tips on managing those negative thoughts and anxiety.

Hanni Berger is the Founder of Joyvial, a network of professional health coaches. They mainly work with business executives to help them create their vision and create strategies to achieve their goals. They mostly do one-on-one coaching and provide group exercises to help sustain your career and live a healthy life. A sustainable morning routine is a critical aspect of reducing stress and living a healthier life.

Hanni’s Recommended Morning Routine:

  • Consistently spend some QUALITY TIME away from your phone and the outside world in the morning. This helps you avoid letting the outside world dictate your day.
  • Move your body in the morning.
  • Think about how you get energized, uplifted, and inspired in the morning.
  • Make sure you NOURISH your body in the morning with a good breakfast.

Some other ways to help manage your stress, especially when you are on a time crunch, is to focus on your breathing. Take a deep inhale and slowly exhale the trigger point under your diaphragm will tell your brain that you’re okay. Remember that this is an individualized approach! You can even manage your stress at work, such as playing a background video or sounds of nature, as studies show that it can reduce stress by 800%. For more tips, check out Joyvial!

Listen to the total IG live HERE.

If you want more information on Joyvial, CLICK HERE!

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