August 10


Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs

By Mimi MacLean

August 10, 2021

marketing growth strategy expert Adora Drake
Marketing Expert and Coach, Adora Drake

Marketing growth strategy and promoting one’s self and business was the topic of conversation this week on our Badass CEO IG Live. Adora Drake, a marketing strategy coach, joined us to give insight on 2021 marketing trends, strategies, and what every CEO needs to know. She helps businesses build brand identities and strategies that reach new clients and their target audience. Adora uses her Instagram to offer free marketing tips and tricks and promote her coaching services which you can learn more about on her website.

Adora’s Top Marketing Growth Strategies

Who Is Your Target Audience & Where Do They Hang Out

Figure out where your ideal audience wants and where they are. Then you can figure out the best social media platforms for your business. Quality over quantity because you don’t need to master all platforms – focus on one or two.

Untapped Marketing Growth Platform

LinkedIn is the untapped social media platform that is being underutilized! Even though it has been around for a while and is mainly known for job postings, LinkedIn has added many new features that offer businesses and professionals a chance to grow. New features you can use to optimize growth include Stories and Live.

Hire The Right Person To Take Care of Your Content

Hire a social media manager that is well versed in the platforms you want to be on – they need to be familiar with trends, SEO, and navigating the platforms.

You Need A Call To Action (CTA)

Every business needs to have a funnel that is leading your audience to your site and ultimately to your CTA (“Call to Action”) Your CTA is most likely sales or other types of engagement such as signing up for an email list or commenting on a post. Having followers is great but followers need to be targeted and interested in your business – you need to provide them a solution in order to get them engaged and signed up to your other forms of outreach such as a newsletter.

You Also Need A Lead Magnet

You need a lead magnet! It’s a freebie to draw in your target market and offer them an insight into the product or service you are selling. This typically appears on your website homepage as the first thing followers see.

Listen to the FULL IG LIVE on our Badass CEO Instagram HERE.

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