June 22


Michele Bailey on Gratitude and Employee Wellness

By Mimi MacLean

June 22, 2021

Michele Bailey
Michele Bailey, Founder of Blazing Agency

Michele Bailey, Founder of Blazing Agency

Michele Bailey is the founder of the Blazing Group, a brand and culture agency founded in Michele’s goal to enhance employee wellness during the pursuit of business goals. She is a ForbesBooks author, popular speaker, and mentor. This week, she joined us on IG Live to talk about company culture, gratitude, and how she has achieved her professional.

“When we put gratitude at the core of our personal and professional goals, it fosters new relationships, growth, and it comes back to you in spades.” – Michele.

Her work stems from the desire to make a better, more employee-centered work environment where the business goals are married to improving company culture. She emphasizes the distinction between work-life BALANCE and BLEND – there is no perfect balance between chasing, so we have to work towards INTEGRATION.

Michele Bailey’s Top Tips For Better Leadership and Employee Management:

  • Allow people to become aligned in their work and personal goals
  • Do not expect people to be able to “leave” their personal lives at the door – instead, acknowledge the nuances and multiple priorities outside of work
  • Find a way to humanize and make team meetings personal – this could be addressing high/low of the week or Michele’s strategy of asking a word that currently resonates with her employees

Bailey says, “Times of true crisis may challenge our ability to experience and express gratitude, but times of crisis also demand that we work on enhancing our capacity for doing both. Gratitude is seated at the heart of any truly great company culture, and it results in employees who live and breathe your brand. Employees who practice gratitude across personal and professional relationships will not only drive their personal happiness; they will drive business growth.”⁠

Head over to our IGTV to watch the full interview with Michele HERE.

Follow Michele HERE, and to learn more about her agency Blaze, click HERE

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