July 30


Supermodel Molly Sims Finds Her Voice

By thebadassceo

July 30, 2020

Perseverance + Determination = Luck

Luck doesn?t just happen to you. You have to go out, make a name for yourself, and create your own opportunities. This was one of the quotes that stuck with me after interviewing my friend, Molly Sims, on the Badass CEO podcast this week. Her warmth, hard work, and determination have helped her transition from model to actress to author and lifestyle expert. Molly embodies badass in every area of her life and career. Her desire, ambition, and commitment have made her the success she is today. She has become the go-to girl for fashion, beauty, and parenting advice.

Just by scrolling through her Instagram feed, you can see she is a hardworking mom who makes it happen. Her raw honesty, humor, and relatability have captured the attention of her audience. Work hard, play hard is Molly?s motto. She is an amazing mom to three kids and even sneaks away from red carpet events to have dinner with them. She is the quintessential southern host throwing the best parties, is an expert in everything beauty, and always looks fashionable and beautiful even when she is working out. I challenge you to try one of her Instagram workout videos; they are tough!

Do you want to know her secret for success and doing it all? It?s not luck. It?s her perseverance and determination to create opportunities for herself. She keeps herself and her home extremely organized. She writes everything down and surrounds herself with smart people. She works in chunks of time and schedules things back-to-back to have the most focus and use of her time. She gets strength from her loving tribe of girlfriends and an amazing husband.

Her advice to you as an entrepreneur is to be hungry. Find your passion and your voice, and go for it! If you?re nervous, that?s good. Nerves mean you care.


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