September 3


My Top Instagram Tips

By Mimi MacLean

September 3, 2020

Friends have asked me what apps I am using for my social media channel so I wanted to share my list!

  1. Instasize: This app helps crop your images to the perfect instagram size and even add a consistent border to all of your posts.
  2. Lightroom: Created by Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom is a free, powerful photo editor and camera app. With easy to use editing tools and filter presets, you’ll feel like a graphic designer or professional influencer. My favorite preset is Light and Airy.
  3. Canva and Over: I call these my photoshop for dummies apps. The templates and tools allow me to easily create graphics for my Instagram stories and in feed posts.
  4. Later and Planoly: I’ve use both systems to help visually plan, manage, and schedule my Instagram posts from my mobile phone and computer. The main difference between the two is that Planoly only allows you to schedule Instagram posts, while Later works for all of the social media platforms. If you are also using Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook for your business, I would recommend choosing Later. I also signed up for Later’s newsletter and love their expert marketing tips to improve my social media for business.
  5. Engage with you audience! Respond to comments, post stories daily, be authentic, connect with your followers on a personal level. I’ve found it helpful to do Instagram Lives or just video stories and talk directly to my followers.
  6. Share other people’s posts in your community and relevant content to your followers. Always tag the other account when you do this to give them credit, and you never know, they might repost one of yours someday!
  7. Lastly, have fun! Social media isn’t supposed to be intimidating, formal, or perfect. It is a fun way to connect with your audience, build your following, and tell your story.
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