September 8


Hollywood Actress Writes, Produces, and Directs Her Own Story

By Mimi Maclean

September 8, 2020

Nadine Crocker is passionate, tenacious, and persistent. She is an actress, writer, director, and producer. Her debut feature,?Continue,?will be released in 2021.?Continue?is a true story based on Nadine?s life and her story of surviving a suicide attempt when she was 23. I had the opportunity to see Nadine?s production journey,?and it was incredible to watch her creative passions, raw emotion, and talent in action. I am so excited to have her on the Badass CEO podcast to share her experience with you.

Nadine came to Los Angeles when she was 17, dreaming of becoming an actress. What I love so much about Nadine is that she is a go-getter. For years, he worked three jobs while pursuing auditions, taking acting classes, and studying to master her craft. When Nadine decided to write?Continue,?she wrote tons of drafts to perfect her story. She pitched her script to filmmakers, and she got a lot of notes back saying, ?no one wants to talk about mental health,? or ?the film was too heavy.? Nadine knew she needed to tell this story, and there was at least someone out there who needed to hear this message. So instead of taking no for an answer, she decided to make it herself. By telling her story, Nadine wanted to help people. She wanted them to know that she is alive after those dark years and suicide attempt, and her life has turned into something she never expected.

As everything started to come together and she started building her cast and crew and selecting locations to film, Nadine?s tenacity and spirit allowed her to produce an incredible film on a small budget. The takeaway from this is that it is always worth an ask and never to count yourself out. Nadine believes that ?if you can keep your heart in the right place and remember why you are doing what it is you are doing, doors will open for you.?

I also want to highlight what Nadine mentioned about having 10,000 hours of experience or ?reps? to master something. Whether you are an aspiring CEO, entrepreneur, actress, director, athlete, whatever it is, you need to put the time to be ?so good they can?t say no.?

Lastly, especially during COVID and quarantine, if you are ever feeling anxious, depressed, or lonely, find somebody you can confide in. Keeping it all inside will only become more and more suffocating. It may feel scary to open up to someone, but otherwise, we are just isolated, and the worst thing is feeling alone. Mental health is an important topic that we need to continue to talk about – check-in on your friends and family during this time. You never know who may need someone to talk to.

Listen to my entire conversation with Nadine on the Badass CEO podcast here, and be sure to follow @continuethefilm on Instagram to learn more about the film and receive release date updates.

Mimi Maclean

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