May 24


Need Help Finding Your Purpose?

By Mimi MacLean

May 24, 2022

Marina Suhulotsky Is Helping Businesses Find Purpose + Identity

Do you ever struggle to find your purpose in business? Sometimes finding your purpose can be difficult, and you may need some guidance. You may be an entrepreneur, a business, or someone trying to make your way up the corporate ladder. Marina Suholutsky created PurposeBuilt and through this, she has helped businesses, entrepreneurs, and more find their anchors, values, and more. Finding these are designed to help you grow through business and to identify any obstacles that may be holding you back. She can help you find what feels true to you and will help you go to the next level professionally.

From her experience, Marina has noticed that as you keep growing within a corporate you may lose touch with your anchors, so it’s important to be aware of them. These anchors can be purpose-built, values, and behavioral. You may have your anchors, but do you know what obstacles may lie in the way? One of the most common hang-ups is money-based fear. This can be how you price your product or service, your salary, and more. This fear can originate from past experiences.

Marina best ways to find your purpose:

  • Take a purpose workshop to find your certain anchors and to find you why. This will also help you make sure you are in alignment with your anchors and values.
  • Find your values! You’ll find your anchors which can make you aware of where you get your decisions from and what may be standing in the way of your decisions.

Marina has experience working with people in corporate and she experiences within corporate herself. She worked at IBM and left when COVID started. For more tips on finding your purpose check out PurposeBuilt and check out our IG live:

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