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I recently joined Anna David on her podcast, Launch Your Book, to talk about what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur and CEO. We dove into my new book, How To Be A Female Badass CEO (if you haven’t gotten a copy yet click the link in my bio – your support means everything!) and I shared my thoughts on why women need a solid support system and to honor their day job – you don’t need to quit just yet.⁠

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I Was On the Launch Your Book Podcast with Anna David!

Self-sabotage is something Renata Bernarde, a career coach living in Melbourne, Australia, knows too well. Her career story involves moving from her home in Brazil, climbing the corporate ladder, and coaching other executives on how to find momentum in their careers. In 2018, she accepted a redundancy package and decided to bring forward a dream to offer executive coaching. Renata joined us on IG Live to discuss her career journey, how she helps clients stop their self-sabotaging habits, and what it takes to balance a full-time job while starting your own business.

Self-Sabotage and Achieving Career Success with Renata Bernarde

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