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Sara Ortins is the co-founder and Chief of Staff of Nimbly Wise; a company focused on training individuals to optimize their potential and level up in the workforce. She sat down with us for an IG Live to talk about how you can bring your best to the table as an employee and how employers maximize their team’s potential.

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Soft Skills Development Is The New “It Factor” for Employers

Michele Bailey joined our IG Live series this week. She talked about the importance of gratitude-centered work and company culture. Listen on our IGTV!

Michele Bailey on Gratitude and Employee Wellness

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Happy 2021! As we celebrate the start of another year and reflect on the lessons from 2020 we want to move forward with, I think it is a great time to set goals and resolutions for your business that will help it grow and flourish. Resolutions can be quite daunting especially when we go for

2021 Resolutions To Boost Your Business

Do you struggle with having too many journals- Gratitude Journal, TO-DO Planner, Diary, etc.? I have this guilt to write in each one consistently, but it is so overwhelming keeping track of it all. I just found a system that puts it all into one place, makes it super easy and creative, and I want to share it with you.

Bullet Journaling

Being a mom and trying to juggle can be overwhelming, from birthday parties to dinner, to running a company, to your kids, to you name it. When I can’t fit it all in one day, I feel guilty. I look at other working moms or female entrepreneurs and wonder how they look like they have it all together.

How Does She Do It All?

If you think back to high school and I was to ask you, name the classmate that will be the most successful in life, who would you pick? And why? What are the characteristics that you would think make a person successful?


When we are working from home, we tend to never ?leave? work. It is crucial to set breaks into your schedule, including lunch or a quick workout.

Essential Tips for Work-Life Balance

Happiness is something that everyone looks for and everyone talks about. But did you know that happiness is also good for you? It is not just good for you because you end up with a better outlook on life; it is physically good for you.

Are You a Half Glass Full Person or a Half Glass Empty One?

Since this summer was a little different than others, and my kids were home instead of at summer camps, I switched over to audiobooks and listened as I went for my daily walk. It?s my little escape, and I love it.

What I’m Reading Right Now

I have come to rely on apps to make my life easier and more organized. I am always asking other people what apps they are using.

I have compiled a list of these apps which I use almost every day.

11 Apps I Can’t Live Without

With my businesses and family activities, it’s so essential for me to stay organized and on track. I wanted to share a few productivity hacks I have learned over the years.


Top 10 Tips For Every Entrepreneur