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Self-Discovery with Christina DiDonato

By Mimi MacLean

July 20, 2021

self-discovery expert Christina DiDonato
Christina DiDonato, founder of Career Revolution Inc.

Taking Ownership of Your Career

Self-discovery and career development go hand in hand. You have to be clear on who you are and what you need to grow in a work environment.

Creating Career Revolution Inc. & A Focus On Self-Discovery

After many years serving in HR leadership positions, Christina DiDoanto recognized the need to bring a new solution to the workplace to address the growing generation gap – one that didn't require our managers to carry all of the burdens. Career Revolution’s programs are centered around AccelerateME™, a learning program specifically designed for today’s professionals to take greater ownership of their career development. In turn, by increasing their knowledge and skills, they can more effectively navigate the workplace, stay longer and make a more significant impact.

She sat down with us on Instagram Live to talk about how she transitioned from corporate HR to owning her own business, how she helps employees get to their roles, and why self-discovery is critical to navigating a career.

AccelerateME™ is all about self-discovery and getting employees in touch with who they are, their aspirations, and career objectives. When employees are motivated and inspired by their work because it aligns with their goals, it is easier to run a successful business.

Here are Christina’s Top Tips For Succeeding and Achieving The Career You Want:

  • Get in Tune With What Work Energizes You
  • Know Your Blindspots – the things that could get in your way and hinder you from reaching your career potential.
  • Asking The Right Things From The Right People – but it has to happen after the self-discovery process. There is no right or wrong question, but there is a right and wrong time to ask.
  • Find The Work That Aligns With Your Values – While money and raises are natural motivators in work, the true zone of long-term engagement comes when the payoff is inspiring.
  • Acknowledging Your Desire For Power and Career Authority – Many women tend to shy away from their desire to achieve a certain level of authority or a particular pay level. There is nothing wrong with desiring those things, and in order to achieve them, you have to be vocal about them.

Listen to the full IG Live HERE

For More on Christina follow her on Instagram and Career Revolution’s website.

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