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Self-Sabotage & Achieving Success with Renata Bernarde

By Mimi MacLean

July 27, 2021

self sabotage coach Renata Bernarde
Renata Bernarde, Executive Coach and Podcast Host

How Renata Went From Corporate to Coaching Executives Out oF Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is something Renata Bernarde, a career coach living in Melbourne, Australia, knows too well. Her career story involves moving from her home in Brazil, climbing the corporate ladder, and coaching other executives on how to find momentum in their careers. In 2018, she accepted a redundancy package and decided to bring forward a dream to offer executive coaching. She specializes in transition advancement, change, or exit. She is the host of the Job Hunting Podcast as a way of sharing her expertise with even more professionals looking to up-level their careers or retire from the corporate world and fulfill their dreams.

Renata joined us on IG Live to discuss her career journey, how she helps clients stop their self-sabotage habits, and what it takes to balance a full-time job while starting your own business.

Self-Sabotaging Our Careers and How To Stop

Self-sabotage due to a lack of investment in a career path is one of the main reasons women tend to let go of their career dreams. It is not about a lack of talent, dedication, or ability but rather internal sabotage due to societal standards. Renata noticed her main client demographic being male in her coaching career, a sign that maybe men are quicker to invest in their careers?

Female CEOs tend to shy away from acknowledging their success and achievements, in a way self-sabotaging all the work they have done. Renata encourages women to recognize their desires and then invest in themselves to reach their goals.

Renata’s Top Tips To Combat Self-Sabotage

  • Think about whether you’re prioritizing other things (family, social, etc.) before your career? And is it happening because of an actual need to be there or out of fear?
  • Let go of the binary of what success is! There is no right or wrong, solid definition of success!
  • Focus on the experience of life and your career versus a hard-line of success and failure
  • Be Uncomfortable! Leaving your zone of comfort is where you grow and break through.

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