July 6


Soft Skills Development Is The New “It Factor” for Employers

By Mimi MacLean

July 6, 2021

Co founder of Nimbly Wise talks about soft skills development
Sara Ortins, Co-Founder and Chief of Staff

Sara Ortins, Co-Founder and Chief of Staff

Soft skills are the new “it” factor many companies are looking for and training employers to foster the development of. As the pandemic affects the job search for young professionals, it has become clear the need for guidance and career development that promotes confidence and growth. Soft skills such as being able to manage up and a proactive mindset is crucial.

Sara Ortins is the co-founder and Chief of Staff of Nimbly Wise; a company focused on training individuals to optimize their potential and level up in the workforce. She sat down with us for an IG Live to talk about how you can bring your best to the table as an employee and how employers maximize their team’s potential.

Nimbly Wise, as a company, are focused on answering, “ How do you keep young professionals and maximize their potential in a role?”. They work with colleges and universities to educate upcoming graduates on navigating their career fields through developing soft skills.

Sara’s Top Tips To Maximize Your Potential

It Takes Time

Soft skills development takes a long-term commitment with an active practice. Skills that are not applied and practiced in their unique contexts are lost, so you need to be prepared for the long haul development from the get-go.

At Its Core, It’s A Mindset Shift

You have been handed syllabi, rules, and resources for the answers all your life, so when you step out into the world of jobs, YOU have to figure out sans guidelines. The mindset shift that needs to take place is from asking before acting to acting before asking. Normalizing this shift and the stress that comes with it is essential and part of developing essential soft skills.

Managing Up and Understanding Your Manager’s World

Managing your manager – something you never thought you would have to do, right? However, in the world of career development, you need to be proactive. Solving unstructured problems requires action and clear, direct communication with those above you and keeping them on track with your agenda ( because it benefits them and the overall company goals).

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