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The Third Door by Alex Banayan

By Mimi MacLean

May 13, 2021

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Third Door – A Must Read for Entrepreneurs

As the title suggests, The Third Door shows you how many successful people used the third door to become successful. Alex Banayan takes us on a personal journey that starts when he is 18 years old, winning xx game shows. From those winnings, he sets on a path different than his parents envisioned for him to find out what the secrets are, from the likes of Steven Spielberg to bill gates to Lady Gaga.

Using the Front Door When The Determined Use The Third

Most people go through life using the front door. The wealthy and connected use the back door, and then there is the third door for the more determined. I loved this book because he shows you through perseverance and creativity, you can get what you want. Banayan describes how you need to create your opportunity; no one will give it to you. If you want something wrong enough, you can’t give up and keep trying something different until you reach your dreams.

Steven Speilberg and The Entertainment Industry Story

My favorite story was Steven Speilberg’s story about how he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I don’t think these are all the details, but the basic premise was that he took a tour of one of the movie lots and then jumped off and hid in the bathroom. The next day he showed up pretending to work there. Each day he showed up faked it until he got a job.

The Third Door is a fun personal account of how Banayan interviewed some of the most influential people. It does not disappoint.

Let me know if you pick up a copy of The Third Door and what your thoughts on it are. Do leave a comment down below of your favorite CEO and entrepreneurial must-reads so we can make this book review a series!

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