January 25


Time Hacking vs Time Management with The Feminist Time Coach

By Mimi MacLean

January 25, 2022

Vikki Yaffe, Time Hacking Coach

Say Goodbye To-Do Lists and Unproductivity

Time hacking is the new wave of productivity and getting what you need FINALLY done.

Vikki Yaffe, a reformed hustler turned Feminist Time Coach who now educates others on saying bye to TO-DO lists and hello to consistency. It is all about falling forward, getting to the tasks that scare us to achieve our goals, and finding life outside of constantly managing time.

Vikki’s Top Time Hacking Tips

  • Instead of making a LONG weekly to-do list (that you only end up feeling guilty about not getting through), create a pointed decision for the THREE things that will make this week successful
  • Pick one thing you have been putting off to get done this week – this will spur you into feeling accomplished and doing one or two more things you have been putting off.
  • Delegating is not the solution – you are only handing off inefficient tasks to someone else.
  • Find ways to clear up space and time instead of handing it off to more and more people.
  • Make a decision NOW – more time does not make a decision come to you faster or more precisely.

For the entire IG Live interview, CLICK HERE.

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