April 12


Tips to be Successful Entrepreneur with Bri Seeley

By Mimi MacLean

April 12, 2022

Successful Entrepreneur coach Bri Seeley

Learn How to Start Your Business and be a Successful Entrepreneur!

Want to start your own or want to help your business grow? You may think it’s best to start a business that will give you the most money, but that can make your entrepreneurship journey more difficult. Don’t just focus on the monetary factors because you will be involved in your business every single day.

Bri Seeley is a business coach that helps entrepreneurs grow or start their businesses based on their values. She helps them figure out their values and to make your business based on who you are rather than changing yourself for the business. In order to grow or start your business, it is also important to jump out of your comfort zone or something that might scare you. Doing this can lead to so many connections, opportunities, and more.

Bri’s advice for those wanting to be Successful Entrepreneurs:

  • It is important for you to BUILD relationships. Reaching out via email, social media, or any other form can help you get to know people and build genuine relationships. Doing so will help you know more people.
  • Take big leaps! Stepping out of your comfort zone such as making a video, reaching out to someone, or applying to something will help you reach more people.
  • Pitch yourself to your connections.
  • You may be wanting more press for your business, but remember not all PRESS CONVERTS TO SALES.

Bri Seeley has 15 years of experience and she provides 2 programs that help entrepreneurs. Her first program is Profitable by Design which is made for new entrepreneurs and On the Cusp made for established entrepreneurs. Finally, Bri has the last piece of advice for female entrepreneurs, it’s time to stop asking for permission, it’s time to stop waiting, and create those opportunities for yourself!

Listen to our full conversation on IGTV, linked HERE!

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