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Top Tips for eCommerce Marketing with Deonnah Carolus

By Mimi MacLean

May 31, 2022

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Deonnah Carolus, eCommerce and Marketing Expert

Are you a small business that is struggling with eCommerce sales? Deonnah Carolus of Summit Web Marketing talks about eCommerce sales and marketing. They help entrepreneurs and online shop owners make more sales by using social media and organic marketing strategies.

Opening an online store is a journey, especially when choosing which social media platforms to open your store on. The best platform that everyone wants to be on is Instagram. Everyone prioritizes Instagram because they can sell directly there. The trending kinds of posts are carousel posts, lifestyle shots, and reels. Make sure your shop is branded, and have fun with it! Pinterest is also a good platform for businesses, as people use it for inspiration. Make sure to use tags because they will appear in organic search results.

Once you open your online shop and your sales channels, you can’t expect sales to be high. That is a false expectation, and don’t be surprised if sales are low or even zero, as it can be challenging for people to find you. This is because there are a lot of shops open on social media platforms such as Instagram, and to gain an advantage, you’ll have to learn how to run the platforms. You’ll have to use different tactics to make your brand more personable and build a community.

Organic results are essential because there is a shift of people jumping the ship on paid social media. Apple even had an update where people can opt on track, and it’s all turning private, and there is work being done on storage on the server-side, which will have the most significant ad shift for the future.

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