June 24


Why I Joined the Direct Sales Company, Beautycounter

By Mimi MacLean

June 24, 2020

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be selling lipstick for a direct sales company. When I told my husband I was considering joining Beautycounter, he laughed and said, Why would someone who doesn’t even wear that much make-up and has her MBA/CPA ever want to sell make-up? The answers were obvious to me.

Be Your Own Boss

Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine; I even studied it while at Business School. I have been a serial entrepreneur my entire life-starting and investing in numerous companies. Beautycounter was the first time when I looked at a business opportunity and realized that the rewards were far greater than the risks. Where else can you start a business for under $1,000, and have the potential to make 6 or 7 figures within a few years if you worked at Beautycounter like you would any other start-up business? Trust me, I have started lots of businesses, and one thing I have learned is it takes double the time and money budgeted to launch. And even after launch, the chance of success is very low. Then, let’s assume the best case scenario if it is successful, you have to keep putting the profits back into the company to continue to grow. It could be years before you have your life again and make any money. Being your own boss with Beautycounter allows you the following:

  1. Freedom to work where and when you want to work. As a mom, it was vital for me to be home with my kids, but I wanted to continue to work. This opportunity allows me to work around my children’s schedules, my schedule and all the other family responsibilities.
  2. You choose the people you want to work with daily. You get to surround yourself with the women who you think will support your business and help you realize your goals. There is never pressure from your team to perform.
  3. You have the support from corporate to provide you with the infrastructure (marketing, training, PR, website) that would take you an incredible amount of time and money to create if you were on your own. You can hit the ground running and start making money as soon as you sign up without worrying about the back office stuff.
  4. You have limited downside or risk. You do not need to inventory products, which is a considerable advantage compared to other retail businesses. If you wanted to start a retail store, you would have to invest well into the six figures to stock your shelves. But through your personalized website that Beautycounter provides you, your clients can purchase their products and have it delivered right to their homes. In no time, you are making money. You can earn 25-35% of each product sale and produce recurring income when you build a team.
  5. There are many ways to sell Beautycounter products it is not just the Tupperware parties anymore! Times have changed, and so have the avenues to grow your business. If you enjoy parties, have parties with your friends, or if you prefer one-on-one interaction, you can do that. But we are living in a non-stop social media world, and it is easy to share the things you love in your life with your vast social network. Influencer marketing is powerful. If you have a large following on social media or you enjoy creating videos, then it will be easier for you to use this path to share with your network these great products and our mission.
    Beautycounter even has pop-up shops that allow you to receive credit for the sales of client’s you refer to the store. Beautycounter is ensuring that clients can shop anyway that is convenient to them-website, stores, a consultant who in turn helps you.

Beautycounter even has pop-up shops that allow you to receive credit for the sales of client’s you refer to the store. Beautycounter is ensuring that clients can shop anyway that is convenient to them-website, stores, a consultant who in turn helps you.

Cleaner Products

I have been on a quest for 20 years to live a healthier lifestyle. I started focusing on food and clean eating but soon realized that what we put on our body was just as important as what you put in your body. I was buying all my personal care products and cosmetics at health food stores and Whole Foods even though they did not work. I sacrificed performance for safety. Well, when I heard about Beautycounter, I realized I didn’t have to do that anymore. I was so tired of my hair stylist pointing out that my hair had buildup and was flat; but, once I used the Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt like it should.

Beautycounter Has a 5-step Ingredient Process


Step 1: Ban Intentionally

The Never List: 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients we do not use, no matter what (including nearly 1,400 cosmetic ingredients banned in the European Union).

Step 2: Screen Rigorously

Using the best available data, we screen every potential ingredient, considering it both individually and within a mixture of chemicals, as it would be in a final product. After all, if a company removes one toxic chemical and replaces it with another, nothing has been done to protect our health.

Step 3: Learn Constantly

We regularly review emerging data on ingredients and even commission our own studies. The absence of data does not mean that a chemical is safe.

Step 4: Source Responsibly

  • Choose the best available ingredient options.
  • Work to source ingredients from non-GMO, sustainable sources, many of which are organic. Over 80% of our ingredients are natural or plant-derived.
  • Ask for certificates of purity, and test for heavy metal contamination.
  • Work to manufacture all products in the U.S.
  • Do not test products or ingredients on animals.

Step 5: Share Transparently

The Mission

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products in the hands of everyone. The last time a major federal law was passed in the United States for the personal care industry was 1938. Yes, you read that correctly. It is not a typo. 1938, before World War II, when many chemicals were created to fight the war. Lack of regulation means that no chemicals have been tested for safety before they are used in our personal care products. So we have no idea if the chemicals used in your shampoo, baby lotion or toothpaste contain toxic chemicals that cause health issues. At Beautycounter, the mission is to build awareness of the fact that there is limited regulation and to change it! Advocacy for change is the reason why I joined Beautycounter. Every product on the shelves, not just Beautycounter products, should be void of chemicals that cause harm. As we continue to fight change, Beautycounter is providing safer solutions to personal care products. It is not just raising issues but building awareness, making changes and providing solutions.

Beautycounter is not your typical direct marketing company and working in the direct selling business is not the most desirable job out there; but, this job allows me to intertwine my entrepreneurial spirit, my hard work ethic, my passion for healthy living and excitement for making change all while making a six-figure salary. Working in direct marketing is not a get rich quick scheme but one that is a viable opportunity that hard work pays off and provides you with flexibility and ability to be your own boss.

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