February 25


Why Social Media Is Essential For Business Growth and My Top Tips

By Mimi MacLean

February 25, 2021

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Social media is THE marketing strategy for many startups and new businesses. In the past few years, we have seen many companies skip traditional PR and marketing and create huge consumer bases and sales directly from Instagram content and influencer partnerships. Big companies have realized the power of social media platforms – from Chipotle selling over 800K guacamole sides due to a Tik Tok Hashtag Campaign to companies like Sweet Reason and Parade creating whole networks of influencers to create relatable and viral content for them. If you are an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience or a brand new creator – here are the top secrets to harnessing the power of social media and growing your business through content creation:

Diversify the platforms you are on and stay on top of trends

Be present on all the trending platforms with high user engagement and have a dedicated team or employee who is conducting research on trends and the content most viral at that moment. Many apps like Tik Tok have made virality a regular occurrence but only if you are created trending content that is why your presence within those trends is necessary. Obviously, not all content will apply to you so be selective and stay on brand but always create content that is proven successful and people want to see. Diversifying the platforms your company is similar to diversifying your streams of income – it allows you to have the widest reach and the biggest chance of engagement and new sales.

Be on all platforms but DOMINATE on one

This might sound counterintuitive when I have just emphasized the importance of being present on all digital platforms but being present does not mean trying to do everything on every platform. You never want to put out meaningless content just for the sake of posting – every piece of content has a purpose and should be driving the overall brand goals. Focusing your social media efforts on one app, building up an audience, and transferring them to your brand site should be your primary goal. Dominating on one platform and executing engaging and dynamic campaigns builds authenticity and authority. Once you have a platform successfully working and building your base of followers you can start focusing on optimizing your other accounts.

Start and lead conversations

One big mistake brands make on social media is simply posting content and letting it sit there for users to interact with – why is this bad? Well in letting content sit there you lose the opportunity to start a conversation and create a position of knowledge and authority for your brand. A skincare company that actively creates content and captions that lead conversations on environmentally friendly packaging quickie becomes the authority on sustainable skincare and consumers are more likely to remember and seek them out versus a clean beauty skincare brand that simply posts content but does not talk about their initiatives. Set yourself up for success by writing and shooting content that sparks discussion and gives you the opportunity to stand out and share valuable insight with your consumers that builds trust.

Have clear goals and a social media strategist on your side

Every video, every meme and every graphics posted to your brand’s account needs to have a purpose and needs to be pushing forward the mission of your current campaign/overall growth. Your social media strategy needs to be clear and your goals outlined – whether it be hitting your first 5,000 followers or creating a campaign with 20 top micro-influencers that promote your new collection having clear goals will make your entrepreneurial life easier and business run smoother. While maybe not feasible in the beginning, having someone on your team dedicated to running, creating, and executing social media will allow you to focus on the goals and purpose of the campaigns without getting overwhelmed by the actual execution process.

Important information might not be the most popular but it needs to be posted

While it can be easy to create fun, pretty, and entertaining content that draws in viewers and is easy to reshare it is crucial to use social media to spread information about your company. It probably will be less engaged with but social media has to be used as a PSA board for your consumer as much as it is used for viral content. Announcements that are related to changes in the company whether it be leadership or the way you will be handling more ethical practices all need to be shared with your consumers as a way of keeping them in the loop and connected to more than just your product.

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