February 15


Your Digital Needs and Tech Questions Answered for Female CEOs

By Mimi MacLean

February 15, 2022

digital needs expert

Libby Swan, AxionEd CEO

The Basics of B2B Tech Support and Digital Needs

Tech support can range from troubleshooting website errors to creating a tech stack that allows your business to run smoothly. Libby Swan is a tech expert and co-founder of AxionEd, a company founded in 2006 that focuses on solving tech issues and roadblocks for businesses.

We talked about her work at AxionEd, her top tips for business owners facing digital needs, why there is no one-size-fits-all to approaching tech solutions in your business, and the importance of persistence.

Libby’s Top Tech Tips For Business Owners

  • Don’t approach tech with fear
  • Think about who is your user is and what you need
  • Think about what you want to achieve and/or solve with tech
  • Break down your tech problem into a step by step fashion
  • Instead of avoiding mistakes, find ways to manage the mistakes
  • Talk about it with other people and peers

Libby also gave us her top tips for hiring the right person to handle your tech and digital needs.

  • Find and hire someone you want to and can work with on a daily basis
  • Treat your hires as true partners and they will step up to the plate

She left us with her thoughts on the importance of talking about your ideas and the blockers you are facing. The more people you talk to and the more questions and points of view you face, the faster you will get to your next step.

“Talking it out is testing it out!” – Libby Swan

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